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State Crown of
HRH Prince Leonard
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Final Honours Investiture by HRH Prince Leonard

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Abdication of HRH Prince Leonard
Enthronement of HRH Prince Graeme

February 11th 2017

State Crown of
HRH Prince Graeme
  In this section you will find a report and photographs of the days events
held to celebrate and effect the abdication of the Sovereign HRH's Prince Leonard
and the Enthronement of the next Sovereign Prince HRH Graeme.

The Event

At 2.00pm on Saturday February 11th 2017 some 200+ people attended Nain in order to witness the final functions of
HRH Prince Leonard as Sovereign of the nation in the bestowal & investiture of honours to 4 people, followed by his  abdication and handing over of his Sovereignty to his youngest son HRH Prince Graeme. So many attended that the small Chapel was filled with people and many more stood on the steps outside or around the outside of the chapel in order to get a glimpse of happenings through the open doors and windows.

Commencement of proceedings.

The occasion commenced with HRH Prince Richard welcoming all those present, from a large number of the Casley family
as well as dignitaries including:
Craig Simkin, President of the Northampton Shire, Elder Clayton Drage representing the Nanda people.

Prince Richard then read out a sample of the apologies/greetings sent in by other dignitaries who were unable to attend, including: Australian Prime Minister, W.A. State Governor, WA State Premier, and Rabbi Sir Shalom Coleman.

Prince Richard then welcomed the many Lords, Knights, Dames, Ladies of the PHR, as well as the very many who had travelled from local, Perth, Sydney, Queensland and USA to be part of the event,
the first of it's kind in the Principality of Hutt River history.

Prince Richard finally welcomed the large media contingent in attendance, many having travelleda  long way to get here from Australia Wide, U.S.A., U.K. etc he thanked them for their interest in the PHR and a special mention was made of/to the U.S.A. Documentary/Filmmaker crew that are here for 2-3 weeks
filming around the Principality and interviewing many and now filming this event today.



The Ceremonies on the day were held in:
 Princess Shirley's Chapel of Nain
and consisted of 4 separate parts:

      (Click thumbnails below for larger views.)      
        HRH Prince Richard welcomes all        

1. Presentation of Military Awards

Four people were honoured by the Sovereign HRH Prince Leonard as his final action as;
Commander in Chief of the Royal Hutt River Defence Forces & Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River.

  • Maj. Sir Richards Ananda Barton KCRO., KCOWL., MIOM., MCM & Silver Bar. RHRL

    Maj. Sir Ananda was presented with the Silver Bar to his MCM
    awarded to him by the Sovereign HRH Prince Leonard in the 2017 New Year Honours List.

  • Sgt. Lisa (Aliyah) Oliver CIOM., SCM., RHRL

    Sgt. Lisa (Aliyah) Oliver was to be presented with the Sovereign's Commendation Medal (SCM)
    warded to her by the Sovereign HRH Prince Leonard in the 2017 New Year Honours List.
    Unfortunately Sgt Oliver was unable to attend the investiture so it was excepted on her behalf by her
    Platoon Commander,
    Maj. Sir Richard Ananda Barton.

    2. Bestowal & Investiture of Final Honours by HRH Prince Leonard


  • Sir Robert James Lee-Steere K.C.I.O.M.

    Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:.
    Outstanding efforts given in agriculture and in particular the pastoral industry over very many years
    and support/assistance provided HRH Prince Leonard for many years.


  • Dr. Sir Gerhard Beukes K.G.C.I.O.M.

    Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Grand Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
    his outstanding
    Services to medicine and the people in regional Western Australia.


      3. Declaration by HRH Prince Leonard confirming his abdication.
  • The declaration of abdication and signing of the document effecting the abdication
    was completed by HRH Prince Leonard in front of all those in attendance.



      4. Declaration by HRH Prince Graeme
confirming his acceptance of the Sovereignty.
  • The declaration accepting the appointment as Sovereign of the PHR and signing of the document effecting that appointment
    was completed by HRH Prince Graeme in front of all those in attendance





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