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Foodbank of W.A. Inc

Foodbank W.A. is a charitable organisation which sources donated and surplus food from the food and grocery industries and distributes them to welfare and community agencies that provide assistance to people in need.

Whilst the W.A. division is headquartered in Canningvale, Perth, there are also 4 branches established in the W.A. regional centres of Albany, Geraldton, Bunbury and Peel and each of these branches look after their own immediate area. However, in the case of Geraldton, there is a major difference in that Geraldton looks after the rest of remote and regional Western Australia from border to border outside of the immediate areas of these other regional branches, where support would otherwise be unavailable thus making Geraldton - Foodbank the premier regional relief food supplier to remote and regional Western Australia for those in most need.
If there is a need you can count on Foodbank - Geraldton being there!

A recent incident where some remote indigenous communities had run out of food saw Foodbank - Geraldton as the first into action with 6 ton of food immediately shipped out of the Geraldton premises to communities including the Burringhah Community 240Kms east of Carnarvon and the Mutututu Community 200Kms east of Leinster.

Foodbank - Geraldton also provide 281 School breakfasts, State-wide each month, for kids who need additional support and this is expected to rise to over 400 a month in 2010.

 Foodbank W.A. is desperate for sponsorship and support, with all of the work that they do reliant upon the support of private enterprise and people and no funding from either State or Federal Governments, one of their greatest difficulties being premises for warehousing and distributing all these stores from. To make this task easier and far more efficient they desperately need 23 million dollars to provide purpose built premises across the State from which to operate and expand their essential support even further. Any support is greatly appreciated and may be achieved by direct contact with Foodbank W.A. via their website, a link to which may be found below.

 2008 saw Foodbank - Geraldton receive the Kleenheat Gas Community Award and they were also recognised by the Department of Justice for their willingness to supervise people serving out Community Service hours and Foodbank was seen as a more than worthwhile recipient of this Community recognition.

Foodbank -  Geraldton is a keen supporter of the Australian Commonwealth Governments “Work for the Dole” program and continually takes on trainees in many areas as part of this scheme to assist those unemployed people in gaining work and environmental education and training to help them better enter the paid workforce.

Foodbank - Geraldton works very closely with Centrelink and numerous Govt and non-Govt community agencies and organisations to help provide food and nutritional support to people across the State of Western Australia and from all walks of life, people who have come upon hard times for all sorts of reasons and is also stands by ready to immediately respond with food aid for disaster and local community relief anywhere in the State.

The work of people like Dame Pat and Sir Doug in running such a huge service covering what must be one of the largest areas of food relief for any single agency in the world today just cannot be rewarded enough when the service they provide is analysed and the recipients of their support are spoken with. It's hard to find people more committed to making other lives better than the two that the Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River has just recognised in the  2009 New Year Honours List.

Congratulations again Foodbank - Geraldton!
Dame Pat Hodges D.C.S.O.L.

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Sir Doug Bibby K.S.O.L.

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More may be learned of Foodbank by visiting the
Foodbank W.A. website, click here!

By: Sir Steven G.P. Baikie ADC., K.R.O.



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