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Foodbank of W.A. Inc

Foodbank W.A. is a charitable organisation which sources donated and surplus food from the food and grocery industries and distributes them to welfare and community agencies that provide assistance to people in need.

Whilst the W.A. division is headquartered in Canningvale, Perth, there are 5 branches established in the W.A. regional centres of Albany, Geraldton, Bunbury, Peel and recently opened Kalgoorlie-Boulder, each of these branches look after their own immediate area.

In the case of Geraldton, there is a major difference in that Geraldton looks after a major part of remote and regional Western Australia, covering a huge area and populations often located in very remote places where support would otherwise be unavailable thus making Geraldton - Foodbank the premier regional relief food supplier to remote and regional Western Australia for those in most need.
If there is a need in W.A. you can count on Foodbank - Geraldton being there!

PHR supports the work of Foodbank W.A. and encourages others to support it also by the donations of monies and goods.
PHR has recognized the efforts of two individuals in the Geraldton branch that have indeed met all of the criteria for being recognized in the Sovereigns Honours System previously and information may be found by following links to the 2009 New Year Honours and an article concerning that award may be found here.
and we find ourselves having cause to recognize that same two outstanding people again in the Sovereigns 87th Birthday Honours of 2012

Foodbank - Geraldton has expanded even further with it's support and supply of goods' particularly food support and now provides School breakfasts to 32 schools in the Mid-West region, each week providing breakfasts every school day for approx 900 students, this equates to 4500 breakfasts for kids who would otherwise go without, every single week!

 Foodbank W.A. is always in desperate need of sponsorship and support, with all of the work that they do reliant upon the support of private enterprise and people, no regular funding from either Australian State or Federal Governments.
It has been announced that Foodbank-Geraldton has been successful in receiving some support by way of grants to enable them to relocate to purpose built accommodation in the near future, so life will at last become a little easier for all those involved with the Geraldton workload but we have no doubt that the "easier life" will not last long as opportunities will be seen to do more as a result of the new premises.

 Foodbank - Geraldton supports the Department of Justice in their willingness to supervise people serving out Community Service hours and Foodbank' a not always easy task and Foodbank -  Geraldton is a keen supporter of the Australian Commonwealth Governments “Work for the Dole” program and continually takes on trainees in many areas as part of this scheme to assist those unemployed people in gaining work and environmental education and training to help them better enter the paid workforce.

The work of people like Dame Pat and Sir Doug in running such a huge service with support of a largely volunteer force of staff and those on Community service programs, covering what must be one of the largest areas of food relief for any single agency in the world today just cannot be rewarded or recognized enough and it is to this end that the board of the RCH and the Sovereign see fit to once again add their recognition to the dedication of the Geraldton management and by so doing trust that the efforts and support of many of the staff are also recognized, something PHR again did by the awarding of the Red Cross of Hutt Charity Shield to the Geraldton branch in the 39th Anniversary Honours List in 2009. 

It's hard to find people more committed to making other lives better than the two that the Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River has just recognized for the second time in the Sovereigns 2012 87th Birthday Honours List.

Congratulations again Dame Pat and Sir Doug and
Foodbank - Geraldton!
More may be learned of Foodbank by visiting the
Foodbank W.A. website, click here!


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