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Nanette G. Lynas

 Without leaving the shores of our home land
We visited a Principality and shook a royal hand.
Prince Leonard was disillusioned by the rule of the day,
He owned his own property, but it wouldn't pay
At the rate that the government wanted him to grow wheat.
So, he checked all our laws, which was some feat,
Then decided to proclaim his property a Principality.

After declaring war, which lasted two days,
The Australian Government wouldn't change their ways
And the state of war was declared ended.
Leaving Prince Leonard to rule as he dared.

He is now recognized by foreign countries around the world around
And if you wish to visit there it's easily found.
It's 595 kilometres north of Perth and in a bit from the coast.
"It is also the second largest country on this continent."

While there you can seed and hear many things,
The walls of the Chapel are adorned with paintings,
You can hear the full story from Prince Leonard, himself,
And from June to October the wildflowers will defy any artist.
There are souvenirs, stamps and money too,
And they will stamp your passport for you.

I admire this man who stood up for his right,
With the power of words he took on the Commonwealth.
Not a drop of blood was lost as he won his fight,
If only words would work for others in their great plight.

Nanette Gabriel Lynas
12th July 2004


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