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    Variety W.A. - 2017 4WD Challenge    
      This year the Variety Club of W.A. will bring it's annual 4WD Challenge to and through the Principality.
Arriving Sunday May 21 at around 3pm more than 20 vehicles and some 50 people will arrive for a visit and night camp which will include a 4WD off-road challenge through a course marked out within the Principality. On completion of this event a Medieval style dinner function will be held in the Principality Tea Rooms following which, all will bed down in the camping area for a good nights sleep (they hope??) so as to be ready, bright and early on
Monday morning May 22nd for a 9am (ish) departure.

This charity "Variety W.A." is of course part of the worldwide Variety Cub Children's Charity which raises funds to help kids who need a bit of a life brightener.

Variety Ė the Childrenís Charity helps children and their families with financial support for things like wheelchairs, specialist equipment,
therapy, and medical supplies, when they canít afford it, and when government assistance isnít available.

It is a most worthwhile charity and our Sovereign Prince Graeme and all at the Principality ask that those Subjects (and all others) who have the means should donate to this cause. Money may be donated via the Variety Club website or you can pay into the Red Cross of Hutt, the charity arm of the PHR by utilising the services of  PHR-OnLine which can take your donation via bank deposit or Paypal, making sure that we are aware the payment is to go to "Variety" and we will present the money raised (in full!) to the club during their visit. We hope to see some dollars come in for the kids.


For donating: Please email phr-online via this link: Wishing to donate to "Variety WA 4WD Bash 2017"



        Watch for photo's & report here after the event        

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