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Japanese Television Crew
18th March 2011


Visiting the Principality was Hirshi Tomy Tominaga from CP International, Queensland in the capacity of Coordinator and Production Manager as well as Translator. Mr. Tominaga accompanied Mr Ryotaro Kimura, Cameraman with Kyodo Television, Japan and Mr.Yoshifumi Ozaki, Director with Regista X1 Corporation Tokyo, Japan who were here interviewing and filming for a new show appearing on Channel 21 Tokyo entitled
"Unique Rules from Around the World!"  The segment they filmed is due to go to air in Tokyo and it's surrounds in May this year.

The webmaster was there with his trusty Fuji S9500!


The snaps below show some of the action in Nain:.....


  First business of the day - Passports checked and Visa's issued  
  Above - Ryotaro Kimura has his passport inspected Above - Tomy's turn!  
Interview in HRH Prince Leonards Reception Office


  Above - Light levels checked! Above - Interview in progress.
(Lesson learned - Don't operate a still camera with a noisy shutter whilst crew is recording!)
Above - Setting up for some outside shots!
Tour filming of some of the Principality land area and
some of the agricultural aspects of the Principality.


  Above - Camera man
getting ready!

Getting a look across just some of the Principality - all the land you see in these shots is part of PHR

  Above - Setting up for the panoramic shot!  


  Above - HRH Walks the track viewing the land!  


  Above - HRH Prince Leonard answers questions and explains his answers.  
  Filming in the chapel of Nain!  


  Above - Crew set-up and film in the Chapel of Nain.  


  Souvenir Shop    


  Above - Crew films a sale being made    

Historical Displays



  Above - Filming some of the historical display areas to be found around Nain  

Outdoor personal interviews.

  Above - Here they interview 18 year old James  
  Above - Even Dame Christina is trapped!  


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