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Final Farewell
to our friend
Lady Vivienne Gordon
In Memoriam
Final Farewell
to our friend
Lady Vivienne Gordon


Lady Vivienne with the Knights of the Information Bay
work og her husband Sir Alan Gordon KCIOM

Our Friend
Lady Vivienne Gordon

21/01/1953 -- 11/12/2017




Newspaper article on the Forgotten Australians

The Principality has lost a strong supporter and friend in the passing of Lady Vivienne Gordon.

Lady Vivienne passed away Monday December 11 after a long battle with lung cancer.

Lady Vivienne, wife of the PHR 'Found Art' sculptor Sir Alan Gordon KCIOM for more than 48 years, was a strong supporter of the PHR and visited us a number of times over many years, assisting her husband in the delivery and placement of the many wonderful metal sculptures that you will find around the PHR.
(*Lady Vivienne is pictured standing alongside of the 2 Knights located in the PHR Information Bay.)

Lady Vivienne was not only a strong supporter of the PHR but she was very active in fighting the Australian Government for recognition as one of the "Forgotten Australians", one of the many children that suffered untold and unspeakable abuse at the hands of people in various Government departments and carer centres that were approved to look after the children placed under their care.

Seen here are some photo's of Lady Vivienne leading/attending some of the protests held to demonstrate to the Australian Government that it is well past time that the abuse of those kids be recognised and an apology given for what they suffered whilst in the care of the Government.

Lady Vivienne saw through those years of protests aimed at the Australian Government and in 2009 she was one of the 500 that attended Canberra where the Australian Federal Government received them and finally recognised their suffering as children. Each in attendance was issued with a written apology presented in the form of an official Government Certificate detailing the Australian Government's Apology. Over following weeks such certificates were forwarded to all who could be found that were affected by the horrors experienced by so many in Government care.

Lady Vivienne's passing is a great loss to the Principality and the Royal Family where her support and friendship has been most appreciated.

Lady Vivienne is survived by her husband Sir Alan and 2 children.

The thoughts of myself Prince Graeme, HRH Prince Leonard and all in the PHR
are with Sir Alan and his family at this very sad time.

Thankyou Lady Vivienne.


Apology proclamation

Just a few days after her passing, the Royal Commission that Lady Vivienne and so many others fought to be held and won, thanks to Hon. Julia Gillard  insisting on the Royal Commission to be opened back in 2012 will release it's findings.

December 13 saw a news report announcing the approaching end of the Royal Commission
that Lady Vivienne and so many others fought to be held and won.

The 5 year investigation by the Australian Royal Commission will be completed December 15 and their findings handed down. All just hope that their recommendations will be followed and that those children in such dire need in the future will be far better protected than they were in the past.

To see the article, published Dec 13 in The Sydney Morning Herald


Lady Vivienne with others protesting on the parliament steps.

Lady Vivienne share the message

Lady Vivienne attends function where she received her apology from the Australian Government.
A very proud day for her and all those affected by the dastardly actions in the past that unfortunately still continue today.

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