Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc.
Patron:  HRH Prince Leonard, Sovereign, Principality of Hutt River




HRH Prince Leonard is proud to announce his acceptance of the Honour of being appointed Patron of the Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc.


Royal Enfield was the brand of the Enfield Cycle Company, an English engineering company. Most famous for producing motorcycles, they also produced bicycles, lawnmowers, stationary engines, and even rifle parts for the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield. This legacy of weapons manufacture is reflected in the logo, a cannon, and their motto "Made like a gun, goes like a bullet". It also enabled the use of the brand name Royal Enfield from 1890.

In 1955 Enfield of India started assembling Bullet motorcycles under licence from UK components, and by 1962 were manufacturing complete bikes. The original Redditch, Worcestershire-based company dissolved in 1970, but Enfield of India, based in Chennai, continued, and bought the rights to the Royal Enfield name in 1995. Royal Enfield production continues, and now Royal Enfield is considered as the oldest motorcycle model in the world still in production and Bullet is the longest production run model. (Info courtesy of Wikipedia)

HRH Prince Leonard was pleased to bestow Honours upon two long time serving and Loyal members of both the club and their community, members of the Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc (RECOA), this last Birthday Honours August 2008. Honours were bestowed upon Frederick Garland, now Sir Fredrick and Dame Margaret Coan who both received awards in the Chivalric Order of the Illustrious Order of Merit.

The RECOA holds it's annual AGM this year in October, in a place called Talbingo, NSW from FRI 31st OCT to MON 3rd NOV 2008 and high on the agenda is to be HRH Prince Leonard's invitation to the Club to attend the Principality as special invited guests to attend and take part in the Principality's 40th Anniversary Celebrations in April 2010 here in Nain. It is hoped that Royal Enfield Riders and enthusiasts from all over Australia will come together and meet up along the way on the Clubs "2010 Run to Hutt"!

We look forward to receiving them.

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Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc

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On the occasion of the Principality's 39th Anniversary on 21st April 2009, it was announced in the 39th Anniversary Honours List , that a member of the Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc, Mr Ian Coan, was awarded the Title of "The Honourable" for his services to the club.
"The Hon. Ian Coan"

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