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Prince Richard



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From L - R:
Prince Richard, Prince Ian,
Prince Leonard

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Prince Leonard Richard Casley

Duke of Carmel
Earl of Nebo

Grand Master of the Illustrious Order of Merit

Minister of Postal Services.

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Illustrious Order of Merit

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Prince Richard, the Minister of Postal Service has a portfolio to run that includes overseeing all matters concerning the Royal Hutt River Postal Service,
including the issue of postage stamps and associated philatelic items.
Prince Richard is also an expert in the fields of handling and disposal of dangerous waste and materials,
so he also oversees anything in that area that may require his expertise from time to time.

Prince Richard's office, through his position of Treasurer of the Principality and his work with the Royal Mint of Hutt, also provides the support for coin and medal dealers worldwide who wish to obtain and offer for sale Principality coins and medals.

Prince Richard also farms a large sheep flock for wool, fat lambs and export as well as farms some acres of crops each year.

Prince Richard and his wife Duchess Lynette, the Duchess of Carmel have one daughter.



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Prince Graeme



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Prince Graeme

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Prince Graeme Ernest Casley KGSOWL

Duke of Gilboa
Earl of Canan

Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom & Learning

Sovereign & Commander in Chief RHRDF

Minister of State & Education

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Finance & Treasury
(Minister responsible for the Royal Mint of Hutt)

Chancellor of the Royal Court
Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Heraldry

Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research

Hon Commissioner in Chief:
 Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada & Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command UK

Patron: Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc.

Plaque of the
Order of Wisdom & Learning
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HRH Prince Graeme, the youngest of the four sons was enthroned as Sovereign of the PHR on February 11th 2017
following the Abdication of his Father HRH Prince Leonard which occurred on that same day.

HRH is a school teacher by profession and very much enjoys matters concerning education and training, thus he enjoys his role as the Chancellor of the Royal College of Heraldry and following the works and findings of that College, which has played such an important role in the development of so many matters pertaining to the Principality since its inception he tied that position in place by accepting the position of Minister of Education

In line with his interests in education and training, Prince Graeme was appointed Chancellor of the Royal College of Advanced Research in October 2010,
in order to assist and manage it's growth as it took on new challenges and areas of study and he remains in that position.

In March 2014, Prince Graeme commenced an even more active role in the PHR Government accepting the additional position of Minister of State.

Following his Enthronement Prince Graeme also chose to take on board the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs.



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Prince Richard



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