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H.R.H. Prince Leonard

Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River and all its Territories.
Protector of the Legends of the Nunda People,
Commander in Chief Royal Hutt River Defence Forces,
Knight Commander & Royal Protector of
The Most Noble and Most Worthy Sovereign Order of The Crusaders Cross of Jerusalem,
Grand Officier du Noble Ordre de Chevalrie et Religieux de la Couronne d'Epines.
Grand Collar de l'ordre Souverain  Militaire Teutonic et de l'ordre Chevalresque de la Sainte-Croix de Jerusalem.

Cabildo de Cavalleros Cubicularios De San Ildefonso.
Grand Collar of the Ordem General Abreu e Lima.

 Kentucky Colonel,
Founder & Trustee of the Royal College of Advanced Research.
Patron & Honorary Commissioner in Chief of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada.
Patron of the "Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc."

      December 2015      

24th December 2015

Greetings to you all!

I wish to take this opportunity to wish you all Season Greetings and all the very best for the fast approaching 2016

2015 has seen much done here in the Principality, including the completion of Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine, which contains many very important mathematical resolutions discovered through the Royal College of Advanced Research as well as the “Stone of Light”, details of both may be found on our website.
The year also saw the release of my latest book based around the "Gateway to Natures Spirit World"

Prince Graeme has settled in well in his role as Minister of State and he has taken on a large workload, which has allowed me some time now to further explore my mathematics and to attend other matters concerning the Principality and it's standing on the worlds stage.

At this time of year so many travel away for their holidays, we ask that you take that little extra time when driving to slow down and enjoy your journey, thus we hope, enabling you to enjoy a safe trip so that the Holiday Season may well be an enjoyable one.
Remain safe and enjoy your family, friends and any holidays the occasion may bring you.
Take the time to rest and enjoy good company.

Here in the PHR, our offices will be closed for 2 weeks from Dec 23 – Jan 11 though we will remain receiving visitors as usual between the hours of 9am – 4pm seven days a week with the exception of Christmas Day when the border will be closed.  

Wishing you and your family, once again, all the very best for both Christmas and the New Year, I look forward to your ongoing support in 2016.


        October 2015        

04th October 2015

Greetings to you all!

This year is one which I feel is very worthy to remember and to celebrate; for I celebrated my ninetieth birthday on 27th August 2015 as well as the 45th anniversary of secession on April 21st 2015.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who sent their messages and cards for these occasion, I do appreciate them very much.

During my period of life, there has been a great feeling of the unity of love for all that which exists.
However, there has also been at times great stress applied upon myself as I pursued and applied honesty, validity of fact and relationships; which includes also my endeavours over many years to resolve the hidden pure physics of nature's existence in the energy field of the "Holy Spirit" and to that known as "Love".

I am therefore very pleased to record details which mathematically explain the existence and inter relationship between both the "Holy Spirit" and "Love" in the field of the "Energy of Nature".

During the year 2015 we, the Casley family, created a special Shrine in the Principality of Hutt River on behalf of all our people.  It is known as:

"Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine"
"The Gateway to Nature's Spirit World"

It is, I believe, the only Shrine in the world which contains such educational information within, as does ours.

We do trust that many of mankind may learn from it in the future. 
Maybe in the future greater adoption of Confucius philosophy may be adopted by mankind, such as:-

"Do not do to others that which you would not do to yourself"

Therefore, let us all enjoy life.

I would like to share with all, some of my latest resolvements.

"Holy Spirit"/"Love"

The energy known as the "Holy Spirit" has a Mass Value of 151
"The Spirit Code" also has a Mass Value of 151

151Mv ÷ 91Sv = 1.659340...SC

"Energy Force" = 121     (121
Mv ÷ 91Sv = 1.329670...)

659340 + 329670 = 989010 = (10989 in reverse)

659340 ÷ 2 = 329670
÷ 2 = 164835
164835 - 142857 = 21978
÷ 2 = 10989 NBCC

NC26, NC27, NC28 = Total NC81
81 x 10989 = 890109
989010 - 890109 = 98901 (10989 in reverse)

Where we have:-
"Holy Spirit" = 1.659340 SC and "The Spirit Code" = 1.659340 SC

To understand the existence of "Love" from "Holy Spirit", then:-
("Holy Spirit" SC - "Love" SC) x 10 = ("Holy Spirit" SC) = 659340
(659340 - 593406) x 10 =  659340

In 1989 Princess Sherryl did a painting for me, which I had sketched.  The painting is captioned "Armageddon", which depicts "a battle of great importance",
"one of good Vs evil". The spiritual construction of "Armageddon" is: 

"Armageddon" = 82Mv      (82Mv ÷ 91 = 0.9010989... NBCC)

By: Princess Sherryl, Duchess of Castile

We, the Casley family, opened on 21st April 2015, this day being the 45th Anniversary of the Principality of Hutt River, the:-

"Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine"  =  Spirit Code  (010989...)
"The Gateway to Nature's Spirit World"  =  Spirit Code (164835...)

Front & inside entrance of:
Priness Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine

Many people have now remarked that it is in fact a replica of "The Ark", with all its birds and animals within the building, and it's shape, which does have the semblance of an ark (ship) about it.

"The Ark of the Covenant"  =  Spirit Code (318681)
It may also be noted that "Universal Reality"  =  Spirit Code (318681)

Above: Some of the animals whose Spirit Code is displayed


"Stone of Light"

(Click thumbnails above for larger view)

SC = "Spirit Code"
NBCC = "Natures Base Construction Code
NC = "Natures Constant"
Mv = "Mass value
Sv = "Spirit value

See the Construction photo's
"Gateway to Natures Sprit World"
From start - finish


The "Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine is I beleive, the only shrine in the world to contain such educational material.  The material is that of which, for hundreds of years, many have tried to find the mathematics, mathematics which convert details of the spiritual into knowledgeable information.  The challenge to resolve the hidden secrets of nature, are but one of the challenges in life, of which "Armageddon" is ever present.

        April 2015        

02nd April 2015

Greetings to you all!

It is now almost time to celebrate our 45th Anniversary of Secession come April 21st 2015 and everyone here in the PHR is hard at work preparing for our 45th Anniversary Celebration Weekend which is to be held on the weekend of April 25 & 26 2015 here in Nain.

We have much planned for that weekend and amongst many things we will be opening the Princess Shirley's Educational Shrine an external building which contains the basic knowledge by which mankind can find a great relation of unity to and of all.
Such is our desire, we have many other actions to bring the knowledge that will be contained within this Shrine into effect;

We will also be releasing my latest book "Gateway to Natures Spirit Code" during the weekend.
Both of these events signal a first in the world in the area of the study of pure mathematics in Physics and you need all see for yourselves what we in the Royal College of Advanced Research have discovered and published, so that the findings may be further expanded by others.

As I announced late last year;

  • We will issue a special “Non-Resident Subject” certificate to all those who wish to become part of the PHR and apply to become a non-resident Subject of the PHR.
    This special commemorative certificate will only be issued to those who apply for and are accepted as non-resident Subjects of the PHR between 1st January 2015 until 21st April 2015.
    The application fee for this status shall be only $50 during that same period.
    This one time offer will cease on 21st April 2015.


  • We have released a special certificate that may be applied for as a personal gift to yourself , a loved one or friend. This certificate will provide the nominee with a certificate showing their very own “Nature’s Spiritual code”.
    The fee for this certificate is only $35.00 inc return postage and may be applied for by emailing the Royal College of Advanced Research via this link Enquiry re: "Natures Spiritual Code" and advising the full and accurately spelt name of the proposed recipient along with a copy of birth certificate or other official document detailing your full name and spelling and the return postal address etc. You may also contact that office via the link with any questions regarding this great gift idea.

    An example of the "Natures Spiritual Code" certificate may be found here:.. NSC Certificate

    This is the late HRH Princess Shirley’s grant to all.

    You may read more of what I have to say concerning the celebration weekend by revisiting my December 2014 Royal Rhetoric

I hope many of you will come along over our Celebration weekend, why not come and camp for a night or two and make the most of the Celebrations with us. You may book camping spots by emailing and booking a site.
Read more about the weekend itself by visiting the 45th Celebration Weekend pages though not everything will make it onto these pages in time.


        January 2015        

29th January 2015

In Memoriam
Dame Colleen McCullough
Baroness of Hutt
June 1937 -- 29 January 2015
Age 77


It was with much sadness that we heard of the passing of Dame Colleen McCullough (Baroness of Hutt).
Dame Colleen passed away in hospital on Norfolk Island (her home) on Thursday Jan 29 after a battle with illness.

Dame Colleen has been a long-time friend and supporter of both the Principality of Hutt River and myself, in fact we have been friends for more than 25 years. Dame Colleen was the special Guest at the 25th Anniversary Dinner back in 1995 and I remember well her attendance at that event and the chats that we have had over the years. I have instructed that a photo of her at the 25th anniversary dinner be shown here, it is a poor quality photo but she can be seen seated next to myself. I bestowed a knighthood on Colleen (thus Dame Colleen) though in later years I elevated her to a Baroness of Hutt for her outstanding support of both the Principality and those around her..

Please visit the Final Farewell page for Dame Colleen to read further and view photo's..



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