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Principality of Hutt River

  Royal Rhetoric 2017  


    H.R.H. Prince Graeme    
    Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River and all its Territories.
Commander in Chief RHRDF
Duke of Gilboa
Earl of Canan

Minister of State & Education
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Finance & Treasury
(Minister responsible for the Royal Mint of Hutt)
Chancellor of the Royal Court
Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Heraldry

Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research
Hon Commissioner in Chief:
 Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada & Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command UK
Patron: Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc.


Principality of Hutt River Celebrates
47 years of Independence.
Friday, April 21st 2017


  March 2017  

31st March 2017

Greetings to you all!

I would like to announce the Principality of Hutt River’s 47th Anniversary, my first as the Sovereign on Friday 21st April 2017.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their attendance here in Nain for the Abdication and Enthronement ceremonies that took place on February 11th and for all the messages of support that I have received since that date.


Now I would like to invite those in close proximity to the PHR and those passing through, to drop in for a chat and visit on Friday April 21st the anniversary date of the secession of this Principality and it's formation as an Independent Sovereign State.

It is school holiday time so come on out at anytime on the day and why not bring a picnic for the family to share? Adults obtain visas on entry @ $4.00 ea. from the Government Offices here at the Post Office in Nain.


Cool drinks and coffee are available for purchase and whilst here, take the opportunity offered for a free guided tour to learn more about the Principality and the true facts about how and why we are here, 47 years after we raised our flag, a flag which still flies proudly over the Principality.


We will be releasing a new postage stamp issue, consisting of three stamps depicting the Abdication of Prince Leonard and the Enthronement of myself, Prince Graeme, that occurred in Princess Shirley's Chapel of Nain on the 11th February 2017.


For a ‘Gold Coin’ donation to Princess Shirley’s Charity Foundation we invite you to write a message of good will to be attached to one of 47 helium balloons to be released at 3:00PM on Friday 21/04/17. Those messages can be provided to us on a special card any time upp until 2pm April 21, enquire at the Post Office whilst here.


I would like to thank all the visitors, neighbours, family and friends that have come out to visit with us over these many years.

This year I am asking that you call in and reacquaint yourself with us. For those that haven’t had the opportunity to do so, please come on out sometime during the next few weeks and say ‘Hello”, we love to meet and greet our visitors.

Prince Leonard, when his health allows, is still up for a good chat.


Thank you, I look forward to seeing you here.

My Best Wishes



   HRH Prince Graeme

Principality of Hutt River


        February 2017        

18th February 2017

Greetings to you all!

With a swipe of the pen, rather than the sword and the passing of the Royal Robe, Sceptre and Seal, Prince Leonard’s abdication was effected. But within those few minutes stood a man and his 47 years of unswerving dedication and tenacious pursuit of justice. Justice for the Casley family and more importantly a shining light as an example for all others fighting tyranny around the world.

I was able, in the days leading up to this day, to reflect on what has taken place during those 47 years. It was mind boggling. To keep the Australian and British Governments at arm’s length, to build a Country is nothing short of amazing. From the raising of the flag to establishing our currency, postage stamps, ambassadors, special envoys, overseeing the Royal Heraldry, special visit to the Vatican; and the list goes on. The foundation and legacy for us all is spectacular. With his Princess Shirley, his loving rock and steady influence by his side, Prince Leonard has been able to achieve greatness.

I was humbled and honoured to be offered the Sovereign’s position. As I stood in Princess Shirley’s Chapel of Nain declaring my Oath of Allegiance, staring out over the 180+ family and friends who had come to witness and join in the ceremony, the moment struck me and I drank it in. Savoring every second, feeling the honour and delight of that moment.
I know I have big shoes to fill. However I know that I have skills and ways to allow me to get the job done. I have been very fortunate to have worked closely alongside Prince Leonard in recent times which has allowed me to grow into the position. I have many people by my side to add to my strength, including Prince Leonard. It will be a seamless transition, although I am reviewing all aspects as time permits and hope to make improvements where practical.

It was a fantastic day and enjoyed by many who had traveled from local, Perth, Sydney, Queensland and USA.
The weather, contrary to predictions, provided us a clear, warm and humid day.
We had a large contingent of local, state and international media here to film and report on the wonderful event.
Local dignitaries attended to help celebrate the day including; Clayton Drage an elder from the Nanda Tribe, Craig Simkin, President of the Northampton Shire and a number of apologies.
The afternoon's ceremonies were followed with light refreshments where I and Prince Leonard mingled with the numerous guests to share stories and renew old friendships and two cakes were cut jointly by Prince Leonard and myself with much raising of the glasses to toast the memorable event..

Thank you all for your good wishes and kind words of support.
I look forward in helping to steer the Principality of Hutt River into its next stage of development.

With the current Australian Taxation Office court case aside, I am looking to improve the inner workings of our Principality and then to tackle a move to gain a more harmonious relationship with the Australian governments so that the Principality of Hutt River can grow and be both strong and dedicated as we advance into the next stage.

Follow your pursuits with enthusiasm and conviction.

My best wishes

  HRH Prince Graeme

Principality of Hutt River



    H.R.H. Prince Leonard    
    Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River and all its Territories.
Protector of the Legends of the Nunda People,
Commander in Chief Royal Hutt River Defence Forces,
Knight Commander & Royal Protector of
The Most Noble and Most Worthy Sovereign Order of The Crusaders Cross of Jerusalem,
Grand Officier du Noble Ordre de Chevalrie et Religieux de la Couronne d'Epines.
Grand Collar de l'ordre Souverain  Militaire Teutonic et de l'ordre Chevalresque de la Sainte-Croix de Jerusalem.

Cabildo de Cavalleros Cubicularios De San Ildefonso.
Grand Collar of the Ordem General Abreu e Lima.

 Kentucky Colonel,
Founder & Trustee of the Royal College of Advanced Research.
Patron & Honorary Commissioner in Chief of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada.
Patron of the "Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc."
      January 2017      


(Last update January 26 2017)



26th January 2017

Greetings to you all!

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are now over and we all have settled in to 2017.

Something that has been on my mind for some time now is the question of when I should look at handing on the Sovereignty of the Principality of Hutt River.

Having attained the age of 91 years and being in declining health for some time, I have decided that the time is right to do it now.

Having been the Sovereign of our small nation for more than half of my life, a position that has been most rewarding at times and most difficult at others, I feel that it is time to hand over at a time when I am still around and thus able to offer help and support to my successor as he settles in to the position.

I have thus made the decision I will abdicate my Sovereignty on February 11 2017 handing on that Sovereignty to my youngest son Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa, Earl of Canan, GCSOWL., Minister of State & Education, Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom and Learning, Chancellor of the Royal Court, Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Heraldry & Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research.

Prince Graeme in his position as Minister of State has, in the last few years, slowly been introduced to the Sovereignty by working with and alongside myself and has proven himself time and time again to be most able and just as importantly, most willing to lead this nation on into the future.

I thank all of the very many people who, over almost 47 years since the foundation of the Principality of Hutt River, who have supported myself and my government through providing their support and assistance. A special thank you has to go to the very many who have taken on various diplomatic roles representing myself and the PHR, many of them unfortunately have now passed away, whilst many more remain actively in positions assisting the PHR and its government. This level of support is essential in the running of the nation and I both trust and believe that this support and assistance will be shown and provided to Prince Graeme as he takes up the Sovereignty and goes about the business of advancing this nation further.

On the afternoon of Saturday February 11th in Princess Shirley’s Chapel of Nain there will be the formalities of the enthronement of Prince Graeme and for the final time as Sovereign I will be bestowing some special honours to some special people in Princess Shirley’s Chapel of Nain. Following these events there will be light refreshments provided and we invite all to attend to do so by RSVP to the main office confirming your wish to attend and how many are to be attending with you. RSVP

Come and join us in what is to be a celebration of both my time as founding Sovereign and the enthronement of the PHR’s second Sovereign,
HRH Prince Graeme.

We look forward to your continued support throughout 2017.

Invitation to attend the abdication and refreshments afterwords: CLICK HERE!

Best Regards to all.

   HRH Prince Leonard

Principality of Hutt River




(Last update January 26 2017)



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