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    H.R.H. Prince Graeme    
    Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River and all its Territories.
Commander in Chief RHRDF
Duke of Gilboa
Earl of Canan
Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom and Learning

Minister of State & Education
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Finance & Treasury
(Minister responsible for the Royal Hutt River Mint)
Chancellor of the Royal Court
Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Heraldry

Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research
Hon Commissioner in Chief:
 Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada & Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command UK
Patron: Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc.



        December 2018        

02nd Dec 2018

Season Greetings to all.

Not overlooking the Religious story behind Christmas; the Birth of Jesus. May I look at the broader significance and meaning that allows all to embrace this time of the year.

The ability to leave our work-a-day lives for a while and embrace family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and others with hopes and feelings of peace, love and joy. We can put schedules and appointments aside and we are able to share some quality time with these people. Sharing what we have done, listening to what others have been doing.

To be served over a festive meal, fun, games, jokes and stories. It’s time to play games with the children. To be uplifted in spirit as we hear the laughter and expressions of Joy. These are activities that ALL can be a part of.

The alone or homeless are invited into public spaces where special generous souls provide them with a hearty meal, laughter and perhaps a joke or story. They are given time to be engaged with, listened to and embraced with joy and love.

I send a special thank you to all of our Subjects around the globe who involve themselves in helping others at this time of the year with special mention of the Royal Hutt River Legion Perth Platoon under the Command of Major Sir Ananda Barton
KGCRO.  who's unit puts in a huge effort helping others throughout the year yet they can and do give even more to help those in need and bring joy to those who most need it at this time of the year.

I believe the greatest gift that you can give another is your time.

As I sit at the computer writing these sentiments a text message arrives from two of my sisters reminding that today is the fifth Anniversary of Princess Shirley’s Memorial Service here in the Principality. This was a person who loved unconditionally and embraced all that come into her world. We still feel that legacy of her peace, love and joy.

Please take some time out of those busy days to share the peace, love and joy. Embrace yourself, friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and all those that come by your way. Then the peace, love and joy will ripple out around the world and embrace ALL.

I know that I am very privileged to have felt the peace, love and joy around me for all my life. I try to share all of that; the peace, love, joy and more with all my family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a most wonderful New Year.

My Best Wishes

    August 2018  

19th Aug 2018

Greetings all

Happy 93rd Birthday Prince Leonard

On the 27th August Prince Leonard celebrates his Birthday, his 93rd this year. We are ever so grateful for another year that he is with us. Prince Leonard is still contributing, still just as sharp minded and still enjoying his life. After a few medical issues throughout the year he has continued on with his passions. His mathematics, science, physics research; meeting and greeting our visitors and tending to his vegetable & flower gardens. Congratulations Prince Leonard, the Principality’s founder, friend, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

Recently in our visitor’s book we received this message attributed to Buddha that I feel is rather fitting:

One moment can change a day
One day can change a life

One life can change the world


Not only is this significant to us here in the Principality, but perhaps it fits with all of us. As we travel our life’s journey, issues and events come along. Sometimes the roads may be smooth or perhaps they may quickly turn rocky. To use a sailing analogy, the calm seas are whipped into white capped mountains that test us. It is how we navigate and come through these ordeals that may change our life, hopefully for the better. The change then in us may ripple out and affect others; positively we hope.

The legacy of Prince Leonard and the Principality of Hutt River certainly has rippled out far across the world. We trust that it has given those that have embraced it; Hope, Courage and Resilience to be able to travel through your life’s journey under clear skies and calm seas. When the conditions change it is hoped that you are able to navigate through it to a safe harbour. Where you can wait, repair and continue.

I wish you all joy and happiness.

My Best Wishes


    May 2018    

06th May 2018

Greetings to all.

What an accomplishment 48 years of the Principality of Hutt River.

Congratulation doesn’t seem a strong enough word to cover what has been achieved. Everything accomplished here at the Principality is a first.

What Prince Leonard, along with his supportive wife Princess Shirley have done, has never occurred previous. All this was unchartered waters that Prince Leonard navigated through and has led us to this point. Our 48th Year Anniversary - CONGRATULATIONS - .

I take this opportunity to thank the very many that have given us their support, assistance and encouragement over the years. Many have become very long term friends, and are still with us. Whilst others have moved on to other projects and unfortunately some have passed away.

All of these contributions have allowed the rich tapestry that is the Principality of Hutt River to shine across the world. Inspiring some, whilst giving hope to others. As I look to the future, with the sun on my back, the wind in the sails, with blue skies or a million stars overhead and a strong hand on the tiller I look forward to the future as we navigate the seas ahead. As we know journeys are never all plain sailing. It wouldn’t be as interesting if it was.

Courage, honour, faith and justice; are the solid foundations that makes the vessel the Principality of Hutt River as we move forward in our future.

A young lad by the name of Jason from South Korea visited us some weeks ago and I was pleased to have been able to spend a bit of time to chat with him about how the PHR came to be and the struggles that came with the decision to secede from the Commonwealth of Australia, particularly in the early years. Jason was most interested to hear our story and to meet HRH Prince Leonard.

That was some weeks ago now but recently I received a letter from this young lad once he arrived back home in South Korea and it moved me a great deal, so much so that I asked his permission to have his words published on our website, along with a couple of photo's that he kindly sent to us. You can read this letter in the 'TRIBUTES & ARTICLES' section of our webite. Jasons words speak for themselves, they help strengthen our resolve knowing that we are heading in the right direction.

Jason was also most kind in spending the time listening to the PHR National Anthem on YouTube many, many times so that he could translate the Anthem into Korean, a link may be found to this work HERE!

On another congratulatory matter; to all our Honour recipients - Congratulations and well done for your exemplary service to community and mankind. It is a great honour and privilege for us to be able to award these deserving people on the recommendation and request of their peers. If you know of anyone that fits the criteria, we would be delighted to hear about them and perhaps they may be bestowed with an Award of the PHR as well as further deserved recognition of their efforts.

In closing, I bid you my best wishes and safe travels as you navigate through your life's journey.

You can learn more of our Honours system by visiting this link:...'s_Invitation_for_Honours_Nominations.htm


My Best Wishes


    January 2018    


Greetings to you all and to all I wish the very best for the New Year 2018.


“It doesn’t have to be this way”.

A quote I recently heard, I have heard it before, however this time it has resonated with me.

We are conditioned to think that it does have to be this way and then someone notices our world from a different view. They try to let us see it from that perspective. Some of us are open to looking anew, whilst others are not, some are invested to keep that status quo.

The media report and sensationalise the negative news. This is further conditioning us to this view. Yet the trees are growing, the flowers blooming, people are living and loving. Wonderful people are caring for others, the animals and the environment. They are forging ahead with medical and scientific advancements.

Once in a generation or perhaps even 500 years, someone comes along with such incite and perseverance to ensure that it is seen by the many. Galileo with his view that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun was one of those with a different world view to share. He was attacked by the Church, which was supporting him up until this time. He wouldn’t change his conviction despite all that they tried on him to persuade him to stop. The Church had an invested interest in the status quo remaining.

Then Prince Leonard and the Principality of Hutt River came along, with his views of how laws and governments should be seen and run, that is, the Government should be as one with its people, not a tyranny to be feared. Prince Leonard’s physics look at “Spirit” and what that may look like. This is done to assist humankind to be able to enjoy the peace love and joy, this is all that we seek, not separate from our fellow humankind but in harmony within our communities. We can then work with a common bond of kindness and mutual respect.

This the view that Prince Leonard and the Principality of Hutt River has tried to bring to the world, to help others see that “It doesn’t have to be this way”?

As we enter into another year the support we receive from so many is always a comfort to us and it helps us get through the difficult times that we often face.

I leave you to ponder the words above as you find your peace, love and joy in your corner of the world and we hope eventually all may meet.

My Best Wishes



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