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PHR - Stone Throwing!
(Not to be confused with stone skimming!)

World Champion Joins the Elite of the
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      2013 World Stone Throwing Championships!      
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Dame Julia represented the PHR in yet another new sport for the Principality to be involved in, this time "Stone Throwing" (not to be confused with the sport of "Stone Skimming" in which Dame Julia already represents the PHR).

As part of the Festival of Finn in Corofin, Co.Clare. Ireland, the world championship in Stone Throwing has been held each year since the year 2000. This year saw the festival take place over
the bank holiday long weekend weekend of May 4 - 6, the Stone Throwing being held on the 5th May.

The participants are challenged to break glasses placed on spikes. There is both a male and female trophy and the competition is fierce. People from all over the globe are attracted to attend and take part with the aim of being declared "CHAMPION!"

This year it was The PHR's first year represented and Dame Julia certainly gave the bottles a good scare, with the sound of rattling glass being heard as her stones shot right past them on their way to who knows where??
Next year Dame Julia says she is hoping to increase the level of terror experienced by the bottles and at least achieve a chip or two.

This was the first sporting event for Dame Julia to compete in as a:
Dame Commander in the Serene Order of Leonard

having been advanced in the Heraldic Order as part of the
43rd Anniversary Honours List
issued by the Sovereign of the PHR on April 21st 2013.

Dame Julia Galvin DCSOL



      Photo's from the 2014 competition weekend.      



      Male & Female Target areas.   Dame Julia raring to go!   Spectators gather..      
      Mr. BRÍAN DE MAIRÍS set's up his throw and it's AWAY!   High heels add some extra "class" to the competition?      
      Soon to be 4 times Ladies World Champion Sinéad Dineen takes down the target!   Steward checking for cracks in the bottles   World Champs 2014 Sinéad Dineen and Pat Kennelly      
      Mr. BRÍAN DE MAIRÍS - Irelands best full beard 2014   Dame Julia with Mr. BRÍAN DE MAIRÍS - Sporting Irelands best full beard 2014!   Dame Julia with Colin McArdle owner of Irelands second best full beard for 2014      



    That bottle will have nowhere to hide in 2015!    



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