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Date: 23 December 2022


This time of the year always brings me to reflect and ponder, on all that was, and all that will be. 

Each of us have our own unique experiences to consider. Sometimes our life's journey is smooth, other times bumpy, or steep, or perhaps windy; or perhaps a combination of more than one of these. Yet there are many facets which overlap or are common between us.

The Principality and myself have adjusted and embraced the new normal. Whilst it is not what I had imagined, it is the reality and so we move on as best as we can. We look at how our story inspires, consoles or uplifts others through their journey. We have recently been contacted by an author and also a movie writer to document our story through their artistic eyes. We look forward to seeing these as they develop. 

We look forward to the end of the waring that is happening in Europe, very soon!


We hope that you have adjusted to your own new normal as you reflect, ponder and move forward.

 Surround yourselves with loved ones, friends and families as we celebrate the festive season and the beginning of another year.

Go out and spread Joy, Kindness and Fellowship to all. 

 Wishing you all our love and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.


Prince Graeme Casley




Date: 28 February 2022


After 50 years of standing up for human rights, our circumstances have dictated these many recent changes and last year saw our property being sold. It has been returned to farmlands. I have moved off site but I will continue to oversee the Principality, including our website. Our activities have been greatly reduced. My posts will reflect this and only when I have something to impart will I make them. I thank our subjects, officials, supporters and friends for all of their assistance, however now is the time to sit back and reflect on all that has been achieved. Be proud of your contribution..  Prince Leonard was able to achieve these incredible accomplishments with a pen and his mind.


Unfortunately just in the past few days we have seen the actions of a megalomaniac aggressor violate human rights of his neighbours and the rest of the world, however he is using the horrific violence of war to do so. We condemn him for these actions and insist that he is dealt the harshest consequences for these. Yet there are thousands of his own people that also condemn him for his actions and at their own peril walk the streets demonstrating for him to stop.


The Beacon of Hope was lit 50 years ago and is still burning brightly.


I send my love and prayers for PEACE to these people on all sides of the conflict.


There was universal optimism when the world came together to fight the common foe; COVID 19. This however has been eradicated by these current times of war.


Keep safe, well and best wishes to you all.


Prince Graeme Casley


Date:10 September 2021


Thanks for your patience, we are back online. A lot has happened since January 2020.


COVID 19 has encapsulated the world and all that entailed. Our deepest wishes for all those that have been affected.


We have unfortunately lost our dear friend and webmaster Lord Baikie, who passed away in April 2020 and Prince Ian the, eldest son also passed away in June 2020. They are both dearly missed.


Then, in April 2021 Tropical Cyclone Seroja struck the Principality and surrounds. Many of our buildings were devastated. We have therefore had to remain closed throughout this time.


All government functions are currently running through myself during this time and if any of our supporters, or those interested in current standings wish to get in contact, they may reach me at huttriver@principality-hutt-river.com


Keep well and best wishes to you all.


Prince Graeme Casley












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