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A new camping and caravan park was constructed in time for the 40th Anniversary celebrations in April 2010.

Located just east of the townsite of Nain, not far from the banks of the Hutt River and set in a natural bush area with ample soft sandy land covered in year round green native grass many acres of land have been developed into a simple, yet comfortable and quiet camping ground. It is a great spot to set up a tent or play with the kids safely.

Alongside the large camping grassed area we have had laid about 40 solid compacted gravel bays on which caravan and camper vans/homes can park on a nice solid base with room for an annexe alongside and plenty of room for the car.

Eventually bays will be available for up to 120 or so caravan/camper bays some bays are located in the open, some back up against the large grassed area whilst others are located close to the ablution block or under large gum trees giving perfect shade from the sun, you choose where best suits you on arrival.

For your comfort there is a new ablution block in place with showers (hot & cold water) and toilets and a roofed gazebo housing table and chairs, small gas BBQ and a sink, all to serve as a simple campers kitchen and an area is set aside for a winter camp-fire with a brazier and wood fuelled cooking plate in situ alongside the gazebo.

Whilst sites are basically without power, a limited supply of power is available if essential though not for use by heavy loads such as electric hot water systems and electric frypans etc. PHR generates it's own power via a number of diesel generators which are of course expensive to run and we are presently running to capacity of our available power.


The Principality is pet friendly so you are welcome to come and camp with your pet provided they are kept strictly under control, cause no-one any complaints and are cleaned up after. We know what it is like to holiday and have to worry about your pets so as long as it does not cause us a problem we are happy to remain "pet friendly" to our visitors. It must be noted however that this is a working farm and we are located in the country thus it is most important for the health of your pet, not just for the comfort and safety of others that your pet remains secured at all times as there are many dangers lurking about for the unwary animal that may stray.

A refundable deposit of $20.00 is charged for unknown pets, it is refunded upon departure provided the rules for pets have been met during the stay.







  • It needs to be noted that PHR accepts payments in bank notes of all major world currencies but does not accept any form of plastic card payments. For payment of Entry/Exit Visa's and any purchases you may wish to make during your visit, you will therefore need to bring cash in with you.

  • All food and drink (except water) needs to be bought from in outside, nearest shops are to be found in Northampton approx 35kms away with excellent general shopping available as well as an ATM.

  • Bookings required for Site vans. Bookings only needed for camping/caravan bays on occasions where you are attending an "event" here in the Principality otherwise site booking is not necessary.


Now the simple bit!

  • Fee's are $5.00 per night per adult. Kids to end of school Year 10 are free! (Unpowered only)

  • $10 per day for limited power (on from morning to late night) (Currently no powered sites available)

  • $20 fully refundable deposit for Pet stays.

  • Discounts for extended stays beyond 5 nights!


  • Located centrally between Geraldton approx 100kms south and Kalbarri 80kms North, the Principality is a great place to stay if you want a quiet and safe accommodation area. PHR is a foreign destination so you can boast to your friends that you left the country for your holiday this year!

  • Your kids can play safely with no traffic to worry about and no crowds to offer any concerns.

  • Your pets can stay with you.

  • A great base from which to stay and then travel daily to any of the nearby spots to view or relax, choosing between the towns and many beaches located nearby with great ocean fishing to be had less than 40kms away in Port Gregory and surrounds or visit Geraldton or Kalbarri.

  • Visit the Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake) near Port Gregory whilst here, a MUST SEE!


Campsite Bookings/Enquiries
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Views around the caravan/camping grounds!

  Gazebo/Campers Kitchen under construction   Ablution block and gardens starting   Caravans   Caravans  
ABOVE: Camping grounds, lovely soft sandy base covered with year round green native grass.
ABOVE:.. Various caravan & camper van pad bays around the park area, some in the open whilst others under shady trees.
      ABOVE: Campers Kitchen and Shade area with sink, gas BBQ and brazier completed      

(Click on thumbnails above for larger view)


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