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Principality of Hutt River  

In Memoriam


Sir Albert Caine KCRO

Chauffeur & friend to HRH Prince Leonard
05th September 1946 --
24th March 2018
'Now at rest'.




It is with much sadness that we mourn the passing of Sir Albert Caine KCRO
a long time loyal and close friend of HRH Prince Leonard and the Casley family
and a strong supporter of this Principality for more than 30 years who passed away in Hospital on Saturday March 24 2018.

Sir Albert had fought illness for quite some time and even when approaching his final days he still attended the Principality to see the Casley family and spend a little time with Prince Leonard before his illness eventually overtook him.

Any who visited the PHR on special occasions such as Anniversaries of Independence, or who attended special functions in Western Australia where HRH Prince Leonard was attending, would have noticed Sir Albert in the driver's seat of a white Rolls Royce (or on occasions a white stretch limousine) bearing the PHR Flag and Crown. The cars and Chauffer Sir Albert were provided for HRH when travelling or appearing on special occasions. The cars were also supplied by Sir Albert. Any occasion in the PHR would also see Sir Albert and partner Lady Jane attend in support of the PHR just as friends.

Sir Albert KCRO and his wife Dame Jane DCIOM between them have provided close support for the Principality over those so many years and that input, support and assistance by Sir Albert will be sorely missed.
One example of Sir Albert's support was his presenting the white 1970 white Rolls Royce to HRH Prince Leonard as a gift during the celebration weekend where we were celebrating the 40th anniversary of the PHR, the same age as the Rolls.

Thank you for everything Sir Albert, you will be sorely missed.
Our heart felt condolences go out to Lady Jane and family on their tragic loss.

Condolences from us all.


   HRH Prince Leonard                                                                         
Sir Albert Caine

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  Sir Albert Caine KRO Elevated to the Rank of
Knight Commander of the Royal Order (KCRO)
  Sir Albert Caine KCRO is congratulated by HRH Prince Leonard as HRH Princess Shirley stands by to present Sir Albert with his KCRO Jewel.    
  Sir Albert is presented with a special certificate of appreciation by
HRH Prince Leonard & HRH Prince Ian.
Sir Albert about to transport HRH Prince Leonard following the official ceremonies.    

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