The Legion of Frontiersmen

Independent Command


Hon. Commissioner in Chief H.R.H. Prince Leonard, Principality of Hutt River


301 - 206 Pioneer Place Warman, Saskatchewan, S0K 4S0 CANADA

Chief Commissioner Lord G.B. Metcalfe Earl of Lindsey KCRO., KGSIOM., MCM., AMM





Final Quarter Report
October - December 2016



Once again another year passes and we have  completed our volunteering duties for 2016.
We now look forward to continuing our services in 2017

Due to reasons of health etc I and my wife DC Dame Shirley have had no other option than to move our residence a few kms so as to be nearer to the medical services etc that we come upon relying on nowadays, so the Command has now moved to Warman, it is from here that we will continue to Command and work with our Ridgedale members and we will also be able to provide some support ourselves to Warman.

Now it's time for the final quarter of 2016 After Action Report and as usual I am very proud of the efforts put in by our little band of members.


Door security - Carried out at Pleasant Dale Fall Supper, the local high school "Beef and Blast" function and at the Beatty Fall Supper.


Hospital Visits - 22 visits were carried out to local hospital and nursing homes.


Music - Our lone member with musical abilities once again assisted entertaining at various seniors centres on 10 occasions.


Security Checks - During this quarter 8 security checks were carried out on private properties and pets fed in the absence of their owners.


Medical Car - On 2 occasions local residents were transported for medical treatment in Saskatoon.


Remembrance Day - Members attended local Remembrance Day Service.


Helping Hands - Assisting at the Codette Pot Luck Supper. Helping raise money for local Seniors Hall. On 4 occasions hot meals were delivered to local house bound elderly people. Duty carried out at the New Market Manor Christmas Tea. Assisted at the Silver Peak Games Night.

A small group of like minded people who enjoy helping others. I thank them all for their continued support over the years and now look forward to continuing our volunteer duties in 2017.

This concludes my final report for the year 2016.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
Yours in service.


Lord G.B. Metcalfe. Earl of Lindsey, KGSIOM., MCM., AMM.
Chief Commissioner LOFICC., Field Marshall, Board of Commanders RHRL.


All of us here in the PHR are very pleased with the news that CC Lord Barry was bestowed with and raised to the rank of Knight Commander in the Royal Order of the PHR in the Sovereigns 2017 New Year Honours, the "Royal Order" being the highest Order in the land. This will be shown in Lord Barry's next use of his Post Noms.


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Final Quarter


Captain Wallace Hanson playing O'Canada Captain Annabelle Hanson receiving CIOM from Principality of Hutt River Captain Annabelle Hanson receiving certificate and pin for completion of 700 duties Captain Wallace Hanson receiving CIOM from Principality of Hutt River
LFICC members and guest Jim Wilson enjoying a very early Christmas meal.
We had roast beef this year instead of the usual turkey. A gift exchange was done as well.
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