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  HRH Prince Leonard   Founder & Trustee.  
  HRH Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa
Grand Master of the
Order of Wisdom & Learning

Registered Publishing Arm


Dame Christina Baikie DSOL., CD.




Functions of The R.C.A.R.

Established in 1994. the 'Royal College Of Advanced Research' of the Principality of Hutt River was formed by HRH Prince Leonard in order to advance the research and teachings into the fields of Spiritual in relation to pure Physics without relationship to any individual religious doctrine.

This came about after HRH Prince Leonard was asked to write on the numbers in the Book Of Revelation, found in the Christian Bible, because he was considered to be "very good with numbers".


Although he was not a Bible reader, HRH set about fulfilling that request and became intrigued with the challenges which arose out of such research and basically existed as questions still baffling mankind.


Others became interested in his research and wanted to be involved, so he founded “The Royal College Of Advanced Research”, originally using “mathematical probabilities” then “Gematria”.


Since that time, the RCAR has published many books and papers, most of these also made available on a single CD in MS-Word .doc & .PDF format.


In more recent times the RCAR formed a registered publishing arm that now publishes and assigns ISBN's to it's publications and is now able to produce nicely bound soft-covers and hardcover books as well as publishing papers and continuing to make publications available on CD.



RCAR publications may be found in major libraries around the world inc:

The Australian National Library Canberra, ACT, Australia.
State Library of Western Australia.

Vatican Library, Vatican City.

National Library of Congress, Washington DC U.S.A.
Israel National Library, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Many more....



Granting of Arms

Originally granted the use of HRH Prince Leonard's personal Arms by HRH Prince Leonard, in 2010 as part of the 40th Anniversary of Secession Celebrations, the PHR Royal College of Heraldry designed and presented to HRH Prince Leonard at the Anniversary dinner, for the RCAR it's very own Arms

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Areas of Study

 Projects of the
Royal College of
Advanced Research








Information on the discovery of "Natures Spirit Code"
may be found here!

  Visit Building Construction Site for:
The Princess Shirley Sacred, Educational Shrine:
'Gateway to Natures Spirit World'

Watch here as the new building rises!

 (PUBLISHED January 2014)

Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine
'The Gateway to Nature's Spirit World'
(Paperback ISBN:978-0-9806205-7-3)

Read More HERE!


1991 letter uncovered from archives
"Princess Shirley's Criterion"

An extract from the
"Universal Gravity"

(PUBLISHED April 2013)

Further information on PHR - Vatican involvement and Commmemorative/Combined
HRP/Vatican Stamp issues

(PUBLISHED February 2013)

  "In an ordinary world where everything seems to have a set pattern"
Interview with HRH Prince Leonard on
"The Spiritual"
By Karl Szebo
Published as part of an article in the Chinese language publication
the "Epoch Times"
.PDF Download.


Part of Prince Leonard's early mathematics as he researched gravity.
With intro by Prince Graeme and concluding with a letter from Professors in the Astronomy Dept of Indiana
(PUBLISHED February 2013)


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