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The Royal Hutt River Legion (RHRL) is a Special Community Orientated Force and was formed following expressions of interest and a need seen and identified in society, to provide community support in all areas around the globe and to all people.

For many years a major portion of the RHRDF members time, in all branches, has been spent engaged in community works. Everything from landmine detection/education to assistance at the site of natural disasters to the building of a support refuge for women at risk, all has seen involvement from the RHRDF.

Whilst recruits and members are unpaid, this being a purely Honorary position, recognition will be given in many other ways by both the State and the Crown during service with the Legion.

A recent survey was conducted, open to  serving Members of the RHRDF and citizens of the PHR about direction for the RHRDF and what was thought to be an area where our Military could better see service and once again the overwhelming response was a desire to improve and increase the ability to assist people in need and a shining light that was bought up time and time again was the great service provided around the globe by organizations such as the Legion of Frontiersmen and more particularly by the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, CANADA of which HRH Prince Leonard is Hon. Commissioner in Chief and is featured in the RHRDF section of the PHR website.

This is ideal for those who wish to support the Principality and their local community, an opportunity to provide a service to both and show the world that people care. Part of the foundation of which the Principality of Hutt River is founded is based on care and the rights of people so what better way to show off these values than by an organized world wide focus of energy and service for the good of others.




The RHRL is seen as ideally placed to serve local communities, wherever members of the Unit exist and an ideal opportunity to represent both the Sovereign and the Nation of the Principality of Hutt River, serving both in one of the most positive ways possible, that of helping others.

This new Unit continues in the tradition of the RHRDF's 30+ years tradition of serving the Nation and it's Sovereign and whilst at one time or another almost all of our serving military members have been involved in charitable/community works somewhere, it is now sought to provide a greater community service around the globe and to see that those who carry out the actions are recognized for their efforts in this area.

Members may operate as individuals or where numbers provide, Units may be formed and this is where the formal rank structure will come into play.



Members must be of impeccable character,
honest, trustworthy, reliable and true.


No previous military experience necessary,
(though previous military service is recognized).


No age limit.


No physical required.


Willingness and ability to provide for others essential.


Uniform is required and is supplied at cost:
approx AU/PHR$180.00 + post for full kit (though jumper/jacket both optional).
(Includes, shirt, pants, jumper, jacket, cap, all supplied with patches & rank epaulette slides affixed.) This is a general purpose uniform suitable for both work and parade.


RHRDF Photo ID Card and Royal Commission supplied on recruitment with advancement through ranks available.


Cost of initial Commission is AU/PHR$20.00 to cover Commissioning Certificate, photo ID card etc.

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