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Their Royal Highnesses Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley are surprised, proud and honoured to announce their Commission as Kentucky Colonels by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky U.S.A. Mr. Ernie Fletcher.

These Commissions were in fact signed with the aim of being presented to the recipients during the 35th Anniversary Celebrations last year but unfortunately the documents "disappeared" for some time and only recently arrived back with the original nominator, Kentucky Colonel Kenneth Ekland. Colonel Ekland has immediately forwarded the Commissions and Pins to Their Royal Highnesses along with his letter of congratulations. It was decided to hold public release of these Commissions until now so as to coincide with the Principality's 36th Anniversary.

In his accompanying letter Colonel Ekland writes..........

The Kentucky Colonel designation is the oldest and best known honorary title in the United States, and the 200th Anniversary of this title will be celebrated in 2013.  For the United States that's old.  Outside America this designation is probably known principally through the founder and iconic symbol of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Harland Sanders, who was a Kentucky Colonel.  Within the United States, which has a few honours and none other that reaches back into our early history it is seen as a genuine honour and is received with pleasure.

............(these Commissions)  please know they are sent with sincere congratulations, Your Royal Highness, to you and Her Royal Highness Princess Shirley, to recognise your mutual accomplishment in establishing Hutt River Province Principality.  You are both an inspiration that effort and perseverance, even against high odds can win out.  For all the "little people" I say thank you!"

Kenneth Ekland.


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This tradition began 1813 from Kentucky's Governor Isaac Shelby when he bestowed the title of Colonel to his son-in-law, Charles S. Todd. Shelby later issued commissions to all who enlisted in his regiment in the War of 1812. Later, Governors commissioned colonels to act as their protective guard and today commissions are awarded in recognition of an individuals noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state or the nation..........

to name a few of these well-known Kentucky Colonels, there are: Lyndon B. Johnson, Tiger Woods, Winston Churchill, Whoopie Goldburg, and John Glenn.....

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