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Principality of Hutt River's

Director - General

Diplomatic Security Force I-3
(Intelligence, Identification and Information)

Security Service Linguistics Advisor
Linguistic Advisor to HRH Prince Leonard
Special Investigator Foreign Language Internet

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Director - General
Sir Reynald Luc Carra KSOL, OIOM, DSF

Here we introduce the Chief of the Principality Diplomatic Security Force
Director - General Sir Reynald Luc Carra

Reynald was born Reynald Luc Carra in Algiers, Algeria in 1943.

Reynald signed up for Military Service in 1960 joining the French Army, where he served with the 11th Airborne Division, in Algeria attaining the Rank of Sergeant. At the end of 1961 he transferred to France after the Declaration of Independence of Algeria.

In 1962 Sergeant Reynald became an Officer of the Cipher in the 53rd Signal Corps Battalion the first in the French Forces then stationed in Germany. He was transferred and stationed, attached to the Admiralty, in Tahiti in 1965 and then transferred to the 42nd Signal Corp regiment located in Germany in 1966 where he was stationed until his leaving military service in 1967.

Having completed military service Reynald went on to study at University in Paris (Arts et Metiers) in 1968 attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature.

In 1971 Reynald returned to Germany where he was employed by Landys und Gyr as a Chief Engineer in their repair section and became the Director of the Sector with the qualification of Electronic Mechanic ( Elektronik Mechaniker).

In 1974 Reynald moved to Western Australia where he married and had 2 children.
He again studied and attained a Certificate of Electronic Engineering and has worked with the disabled and children up until the last few years, when he ceased working regularly in order to better care for his wife who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.

Reynald has been involved with the Principality for a number of years now assisting in a number of areas. He also still keeps busy assisting with the care of children in his part-time employment as a maintenance/handyman at a local Childcare centre in Bunbury Western Australia, where he has been resident since arriving in Australia.

Reynald was an advisor and investigator for the DSF for some time before being appointed as a Chief Inspector and then in March 2010 was promoted to the position of Director-General following the sudden and unexpected passing of the Late Director-General Dr. Sir Nathan M. Jones KRO, CIOM, DSF(I-3), FCIS. in December 2009.

Elevated to Rank of Knight Commander of the Serene Order of Leonard (KCSOL)
01 January 2011













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D-G Sir Reynald Luc Carra KCSOL, OIOM, DSF

Supported the Principality & its Sovereign as consultant & advisor in Linguistics and foreign language internet investigations & monitoring attached to the DSF with Rank of Investigator.

01 January 2008
Bestowed with the Rank Officer of the Illustrious Order of Merit for Services to the Principality and Sovereign

24 October 2008
Issued with PHR Amateur Radio Call Sign HRP - 1RC

17 November 2008
Made Life Member of the PHR Royal Amateur Radio Society No. FLM RARS 0008

01 July 2009
Appointed Chief Inspector of the DSF I-3 Divisions, Linguistics Officer
27 August 2009
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Serene Order of Leonard

01 March 2010
Appointed Director - General of the DSF I-3 Divisions,

01 Jan 2011
Elevated to Rank of Knight Commander of the Serene Order of Leonard




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