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37th Anniversary of Secession
21/04/1970 - 21/04/2007



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Saturday 21/04/2007

Greetings from the Webmasters!

A lower key day than held over the Easter weekend but an interesting and memorable day non the less.

With the Cote de Ivory flag flying from the guest position on the flagpoles due to the presence of some of Hutt's Representatives from that country and with French Representatives and Camera crew also on hand the day had to be a bright one.

Formal discussions between the overseas delegation and Prince Leonard took care of most of the morning with many topics and matters of State being discussed and decided upon though the talks were completed in time for a light lunch then back to meeting the public.

Prince Leonard's first duties began with meeting the young couple featured in the "Caught in Hutt" segment of this website Ms Walker & Dr Brostoff.
4pm saw the arrival of John & Marilyn from Kalbarri Coach Tours with their tour bus loaded with people for the Investitures that were due to take place in the Chapel of Nain and to attend the celebrations that were to take place that afternoon and included the evenings meal and entertainment under the stars. If something is on in their region then John and Marilyn are there with a tour!

4.30 pm saw Hon Barry Allison presented with his Overseas Citizenship, Passport and to his great surprise, receipt of a Knighthood in the Illustrious Order of Merit bestowed by Prince Leonard for Barry's service and dedication to the Principality.

Prince Leonard also announced at this point, the bestowal of the Rank of Commander of the Illustrious Order of Merit to 2 Individuals, Chief Commissioner G.B. Metcalfe, Commander of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command Canada for services to the Legion and the local community and to Mr. Michael Barnes, businessman, of Perth Western Australia, for his outstanding efforts in support and assistance to the Principality and his faultless honesty in business practises.

Following the Investitures, I, Sir Steve, presented the Royal couple with a celebration gift from Sir David and ourselves of the framed original artwork sketches by Sir David Burkart KRO, Earl Marshal of Hutt of the Royal Profiles that were used on the Dual Celebration Coin as well as a pair of the coins themselves and certificates especially serial numbered 0000/1000 for the occasion.

Following the Investitures Prince Leonard took all present on a tour of the buildings and invited the general public into his new reception Chambers where he showed those present some of the awards and honours that have been bestowed upon him as well as items of significance to the history of Hutt.

The opportunity was also taken at this point for officially releasing his new book "Paradise" , Prince Leonard gave all present an insight into what this book contained and presented a copy to Sir Kyle Nimmo KRO (Dean of R.C.A.R.) and his wife Lady Karen (Senior researcher/librarian R.C.A.R.)

Following a short break the evening began with nibblies served in the tea rooms prior to dinner and live music provided to entertain all by Sir Kyle and Lady Karen Nimmo.

An enjoyable evening for all and a fitting end to the day, the day being the 37th Anniversary of secession and the founding of the Principality of Hutt River.

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Pics above of Tiffany & Josh as featured in
"Caught in Hutt"



Pic above shows the flags of Hutt River and Cote de Ivory flying.

Pics above as Prince Leonard  greets visitors as they take their seats in the Chapel of Nain.


Hon Barry receives his Overseas Citizenship and Passport from
Prince Leonard.






A very surprised Sir Barry is sent to Princess Shirley to receive his Jewel and he then gave a short and humble speech of thanks.


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Pics above of the Presentation by Sir Steve Baikie (Webmaster) of a combined gift of his families & Sir David Burkart to Prince Leonard & Princess Shirley of the original artwork (by Sir David Burkart KRO Earl Marshal of Hutt) and the Dual Celebration coins etc all mounted and framed.


Pics above of the presentation frame. Pics above of a happy & proud  Hon Sir Barry Allison K.I.O.M.


















Pics above of Prince Leonard leading the tour of Hutt for the visitors from Kalbarri Coach Tours and others present
with special attention to the power of Crystals.


Pics above of the release of Prince Leonard's latest book "Paradise" presented here to Sir Kyle and Lady Karen


Pics above of Prince Leonard as he finishes his presentation in the reception building
and then as he informs the group as to the plans for the evenings entertainment.


The Dual Celebration!





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