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An Australian Monarch
Author: William Pitt
Publisher: CopyRight Publishing, Brisbane.


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Over the years there have been many, many articles written on or about the Principality of Hutt River
and/or its Monarch HRH Prince Leonard.
Articles that have been published in booklets, magazines, newspapers, brochures etc etc etc.

There have also been many books written about or containing large articles on the Principality
and/or its Monarch HRH Prince Leonard. Then there have been the books written about the laws
under which the Principality seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia back in 1970, books on
the legal status and standing of the Principality on the world's stage.

The first book dedicated solely to the Principality was "Birth of a Principality" (long out of print)
which was followed by "The Man" authored by R.C. Hyslop (recently out of print). Now a book
has been written that brings the past in line with the present and covers the Birth of the
Principality as well as the Man himself. A book that provides detail of how the Principality came to
be in a simple, informative and easy to read chronologically ordered piece of writing that details
the story step by step and includes the responses and reactions of the Commonwealth of Australia
as well as the reactions and actions of the Government of the State of Western Australia
along the way.

The book is entitled "An Australian Monarch" by William Pitt.

Published by CopyRight Publishing of Brisbane Queensland this book has been sometime in the
making. Its author has traveled extensively visiting various places, speaking with many people to
record their recollections and part in the story and carrying out what must be one of the most
extensive studies into the records of the Australian Government concerning the details around and
following the secession of the Principality. The author was not satisfied with just recording what he
heard from the Principality itself but rather he went in search of the records and writings that had
to be out there documenting the events of the last almost 40 years and he has presented his findings
in this easy to read book.

Not stopping at just recording the formation and advancement on the world stage of the Principality
of Hutt River, William Pitt also brings into play comparisons to give the reader a more objective
understanding of the placement of the Principality when compared with other similar Micro Nations
& States such as the Vatican and Monaco etc.
From there he also details much of the history of the formation of white man's occupation of the
continent of Australia and the complexities of its formation under European Sovereignty which have
included all sorts of revolts and secessions since white man arrived resulting in the many separate States
and Territories that now make up what is known as the Commonwealth of Australia. He also delves into
and provides the proofs that Western Australia indeed was never proclaimed for Britain as is commonly
believed, just as HRH Prince Leonard has been stating for many years now, and he also documents the
proof as to the
"The greatest insult to be perpetuated by a Government upon its people!" 
by the British of stripping Australians of their British Citizenship back in 1949 and the failure of the
Australian Government, to this very day, to proclaim those people, in excess of 8 million citizens,
as Australian Citizens thus leaving them stateless and aliens in there own country.

This book is a reading MUST; not only for those who wish to learn the true history of how the
Principality of Hutt River came to be but also by all those who wish to learn a lot more of early
Australian history and how that nation came to be formed as it is today.

The book will be officially and publicly released at a launch in the State Library of N.S.W. on the
4th February 2010 with HRH Prince Leonard himself traveling over to Sydney to officiate at the
release along with the author William Pitt.

I have read the book and can & do thoroughly recommend it!

Sir Steven G.P. Baikie ADC, KRO., Dip.Eng. (Electronics)

Forward by HRH Prince Leonard

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By William Pitt
CopyRight Publications


Publication Date: December 2009
Official release February 4th 2010

Softcover: 978-1876344672

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