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2010 New Year Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of the beginning of a New Year!
First day of January 2010

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Order of Wisdom and Learning


Mr. Ronald George Casey
Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for his on-going commitment to serve as an air crewman on the Western Australian Emergency Rescue Helicopter Service of which Ronald is the only original crewman having served with this service since its inception in 2003 previous to which Ronald served as a training air crewman with a civilian helicopter service (CHC Helicopters) where he had been responsible in providing the training necessary for Critical Care Paramedics to become competent as "down the wire" helicopter rescue crewmen for operations over both land and water. This W.A. rescue service operates 24/7 and has flown over 1700 missions since operations began in August 2003 though Ronald has almost continually been in the air since 1978 having previously served in similar positions with the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force
as well as the civilian service.
As one of only three crewman in this rescue service to the Western Australian population and having served in such a capacity for over 30 years now, Ronald carries out a difficult and stressful task of great importance to those that require its services, he retains a great deal of both knowledge and experience that he is only to happy to pass on to others as they enter the dangerous environment of the rescue helicopter service.


Mr. Ronald George Casey C.O.W.L.


Mrs. Biserka Riha Mr. Pharm.
(Zagreb, CROATIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Dame of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for her on-going commitment to impart her extensive knowledge in her specialist areas of toxicology and drug awareness. Mrs Riha has a Masters Degree in Pharmacology (specialising in toxicology) and has spent her life thus far in the service of her people fighting crime and drug abuse and now even in her retirement she has dedicated much of her time to sharing her knowledge and experience with others teaching the younger generation to continue her work and working with young people teaching drug awareness to them in schools. Mrs Riha is often called upon by the media for comments or advice on matters pertaining to drugs and the problems that not just Croatia, but all of the world has with drugs and helping others to learn and understand more of how to fight this problem. She has received many awards and has achieved many milestones in her professional career which has included discovering the poisoning of the Gyps Fulvas, (Griffon Vulture) an endangered bird in Croatia and thus saving further losses of this magnificent animal and along with her team she uncovered a poisoning that would have cost the lives of many patients on life saving dialysis, which won for her a State Award. She was also instrumental in the creation of a government bill about drug use and criminal law.
Mrs Riha is a member of the Presidential Committee in Croatian Toxicology Association and Regional Representative in the International Association of Forensics Toxicologists.


Dame Biserka Riha D.O.W.L., Mr. Pharm. 



Chief Inspector Zeljko Riha C.I.O.M.
(Zagreb, CROATIA)
PHR Hon Special Envoy to Croatia.
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning in recognition of his many years of teaching/guiding security agencies and organisations in many aspects of security and terrorism controls and policing, for his invaluable input to the Principality's Diplomatic Security Force in which he holds the rank of Chief Inspector and for his service and assistance in educating the general public of Croatia and the Balkans as to the existence and furthering the standing of this Principality.


Chief Inspector Sir Zeljko Riha K.O.W.L., C.I.O.M.


Brigade Captain Michael (Mick) Morris
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for outstanding service to his local and surrounding communities in his volunteer position with the Northampton Fire and Rescue Service.
For more than 10 years now Mr Morris has held the position of Captain of the Northampton Fire Brigade and was instrumental in its being upgraded from a local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade to a fully equipped Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade only a few years ago. His fellow volunteers were only recently quoted as saying that "Captain Morris had been their Mentor and Captain for the past 10 years, training them to be highly skilled and efficient fire-fighters and the success of the unit in recent years, is due in a very large part, to the personal input and unselfish dedication of their Captain. His compassion, understanding and willingness to work had moulded the unit into a group of dedicated and effective volunteers...." (as reported in the Midwest Times Oct 29th). Giving huge amounts of his time to both the Brigade and FESA Cadets, Mr Morris was recently nominated by his peers for the prestigious National Outstanding Emergency Services Volunteer of the Year Award 2009 for which he was the deserved and honoured recipient and it was only in 2007 whilst also Captain of Northampton Fire & Rescue that the unit was awarded the National Outstanding Volunteer Fire Service Brigade Award.

Brigade Captain Mick Morris leads a FESA Cadet Training Session.

Congratulations to an outstanding recipient!

Brigade Captain Sir Michael (Mick) Morris K.C.O.W.L.



































































Illustrious Order of Merit

Mr. Anwar Fayez Zureikat
(Amman, JORDAN)

PHR Hon Special Envoy to Jordan
Bestowed with the Rank of
Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit
for his service in representing this Principality and promoting this Principality
within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Mr. Anwar Fayez Zureikat C.I.O.M.

Mr. Manfred Wozniak
(Warnemunde, Germany)

PHR Hon Special Envoy to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Bestowed with the Rank of
Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit
for his service in representing this Principality and promoting this Principality
and for his service and support given his local community in helping those in need
and providing training and opportunities to people in order to help them gain skills for their future.

Manfred & Ines Wozniak in the Foyer of their Residenz-Strandhotel

Mr. Manfred Wozniak C.I.O.M.



Serene Order of Leonard

Mr. Larry Wright
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Serene Order of Leonard
his humanitarian work in the field of primary care in his positions held as a mine's ambulance officer and volunteer ambulance officer for many years since his arrival in Tasmania from the UK in 1996 where Mr Wright was an ambulance paramedic. He has given a great deal of time to the care of others in his volunteer role of local ambulance officer, all of which is unpaid.
In addition Mr Wright, who is an Australian J.P., was sworn in to the bench in 2003 where he sits on courts held at the Magistrates Court of Burnie Tasmania as well as being on-call for after-hours courts and making himself available to the general public to carry out his J.P. duties.
Mr Wright has admirably put in a great deal of time to serve and assist his local community and has spent most of his life looking to the care of others. For this care and so much of it provided willingly and without remuneration he is a well deserving recipient of this Honour.

Sir Larry Wright K.S.O.L.


Mrs. Lorraine Tierney
Bestowed with the Rank of Dame Commander of the Serene Order of Leonard
for her outstanding service to and care of her local community of Mullewa which she serves in her paid capacity as Civilian Support Officer at the Mullewa Police Station as well as in her unpaid position as a Volunteer Officer/Paramedic and Training Officer with the St John Ambulance Association where she also heads the Mullewa Ambulance Service.
As I am sure those of you who read the details of these awards would agree, all are deserving and in their own varied ways have served their communities or humanity at large in exemplary fashion, often unrecognised by the society in which they live. Mrs Tierney is a perfect example of a deserving recipient. Her nomination, which carries the support of every serving Officer at Mullewa Police Station as well as many of her peers and local community, is one of those truly outstanding ones that, on a rare occasion, we come across in amongst the many nominations we receive at every awards time. Mrs Tierney certainly stands out amongst all nominations that we have ever received in our 40 years of existence and will without doubt be remembered as one of our most deserving recipients.
If we were to publish all details that have been provided in her nomination we have no doubt that it would cause great embarrassment to Lorraine, so what we will do is to take a few quotes from the submission that we received, which will, in a SMALL way, enlighten the reader as to how she is perceived in her community and will leave it at that:......

"Lorraine Tierney is a pillar of the Mid-West community of Mullewa. Lorraine is the civilian force support officer at Mullewa Police station. The head of the local volunteer St John's ambulance service based in Mullewa. Volunteer driver of the local school bus for ferrying our local kids to school. The friendly face serving behind the counter at the local town shop. The unselfish, perpetual volunteer who is on every committee for every worthwhile cause in Mullewa."

".....both myself, and every other Police officer based at Mullewa, have lost count of the amount of incidents where Lorraine has turned in her capacity as volunteer ambulance paramedic and saved the lives of members of our small country community. Incidents ranging from heart attacks to serious road vehicle collisions on our local road network."

"Since the start of December this year (2009), there are at least two occasions when Lorraine has saved the lives of two individuals who were involved in serious road collisions. Without the presence of Lorraine, the Mullewa community would be preparing for heartbreaking scenario of two local funerals."

"Lorraine is a magnet for the elderly and vulnerable in our community. Always going out of her way to help those she comes into contact with. From simple things like making a phone call for the hard of hearing to pay a household bill, to arranging a grocery delivery for our local pensioners. This list is endless."

"Lorraine is a perpetual volunteer and on every committee for any event or initiative which promotes the community of our small town."

"..........what she is however, is an unsung hero of the Mid-West community of Mullewa.
She is a major part of the lifeblood of our town and an angel amongst our midst."

Dame Lorraine pictured with Officers of Mullewa Station

Lorraine Tierney D.C.S.O.L.

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