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    H.R.H. Prince Graeme    
    Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River and all its Territories.
Commander in Chief RHRDF
Duke of Gilboa
Earl of Canan
Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom and Learning

Minister of State & Education
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Finance & Treasury
(Minister responsible for the Royal Hutt River Mint)
Chancellor of the Royal Court
Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Heraldry

Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research
Patron: Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc.


December 2019

27th Aug 2019

Greetings to all,

We are at that time of the year again where people are making plans for the festive season, summer holidays (in our part of the world) or bracing for the snow and cold in yours. Wherever we are we take a moment to reflect on our year and embrace family and friends in celebration with love and joy.

I have just returned from a wonderful event in Perth where I was able to take time out of events here at the Principality and revitalise a dear friendship with Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman who celebrated his 101st birthday. It was our privilege to accept his invitation and share in the various events over the three days.

Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman has been associated with the Principality since 1973. He and Prince Leonard shared many of the same qualities; determination, inspiration, aspiration and including their scholastic thirst for knowledge. This scholastic knowledge they would share with each other on a very respectful and thoughtful level.

This visit was the first time that I had met the Rabbi face to face, as we had only corresponded through emails and letters previously. I was met very warmly and enthusiastically, where I was introduced to his many friends and family. They all welcomed me with open arms full of respect, love and interest.

Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman launched his book, “Biography of a Centenarian”, which is full of people and events from his 101 years. In the book Prince Leonard and the Principality are given a wonderful account of their relationship. In this book Rabbi Dr Coleman shares his life story, an account most interesting to read.

It was a most uplifting time and full of all the qualities that we aspire to; warmth, interest, respect and love for one another.

As I reflect on our year I see that the sad moments are being replaced with happy ones. Prince Leonard’s passing was sad but his legacy that he has left us all is an inspiration. As we aspire to our goals in life let us take this moment to embrace our friends and family with Love and Respect.

I wish you all Joy, Grace, Happiness and Love as you go about this festive season and remain safe in your travels.

My Best Wishes

Rabbi Dr. Shalom Coleman "Biography of a Centenarian" Rabbi Dr. Shalom Coleman
& HRH Prince Graeme.


Perths Jewish Weekly Newspaper
Vol 48., No, 22.  Friday December 13th 2019

August 2019

27th Aug 2019

Greetings to all,


August the 27th would have been Prince Leonard’s Birthday, his 94th.

I take this point in time to reflect and give gratitude for all that Prince Leonard has done, not only what he has done for me, my family, this Principality and many persons from around the world.
With his lifelong companion, Princess Shirley they were able to build the strong foundations of our family and this Principality of Hutt River. This culminated with lifelong friendships with so many.

I am grateful for the privileges that have been given to me.

Many people may believe that the Principality has gone quiet since Prince Leonard’s passing, and that maybe how it may seem from the outside.
I can assure you however that we are paddling furiously behind the scenes to keep the Principality going and to move it forward.

There have been a few issues which are being dealt with since Prince Leonard’s passing, but I and my team are here dealing with them.
We are open for business and taking care of State matters as usual and we look forward to the continued support from you all.

May you take a moment in your life to stop and show gratitude for all that you have been given.

I encourage all those that deserve to be recognised for their good deeds to their communities to be nominated in our Sovereign’s Honours listings which take place 3 times a year and more can be learnt here:
We are delighted to be able show our gratitude and recognition to deserving people.

May you be grateful for all the joys in your life; big or small.
Celebrate them, share them, honour them and honour yourself.

My Best Wishes




        June 2019        

08th Jun 2019

Greetings to all,

What an interesting start to our 49th year, with the passing of our founding Father, His Royal Highness Prince Leonard, on the 13th February 2019. His 93rd year of living and he certainly did live it. His Eulogy expressed some of those interests and events that he encountered along the way.

I thank you all for your sentiments and condolences. It was very uplifting to hear of the stories and connection that he had with so many, from near and far. These individual stories helped to fill the rich tapestry that was his life. He will never be forgotten but cherished and celebrated.

This was a man whose beliefs and actions are an inspiration to all. That beacon of hope.

On the 21st April (which coincided with Easter Sunday) we dedicated Prince Leonard’s ashes here at Princess Shirley’s Chapel of Nain with a celebration of life ceremony. As part of our celebrations we unveiled a memorial stone in his honour (see below) and spread his ashes there. He is home forever now.

I must take the opportunity to thank those very many people that travelled to the PHR to join with us in celebrating the life of Prince Leonard here in Nain and we saw more than 200 attend, many travelling very large distances to be with us.

Thank you all who joined us.

Our cause is not extinguished with his passing but is reinvigorated to honour his and Princess Shirley’s legacy for us all.

I have adjusted to my new 'normal' now and whilst I miss my little buddy everyday, our lives go on.
All we can do is to conduct ourselves with strength, truth, justice, dignity, respect and joy.

I wish you well in your endeavours.

My Best Wishes




        January 2019        

12th Jan 2019

Greetings and Happy New Year to all.

Congratulations to all our New Year’s Honours recipients. All are well deserved. We are delighted each time we make these announcements as so many do such wonderful work to benefit others and their community. It is a privilege to be associated with such fine people. Well done to all.

Many of us take the start of a new year as a time to review the past year and set goals for the new one. Whether it is to be more active, join a club, do some studies, volunteering to help others or get around to painting the kitchen........

Many distractions come before us and it is too easy to lose sight of what we had hoped to achieve. That is ok. That is the reality of life. However, if you haven’t thought about your goal(s) you won’t have a marker of what to get back to. Every time we are led off that path, then when we pause we can see the road that we need to take to get back to it.

The Principality will soon be celebrating its 49th Anniversary with the joy that brings, however it marks a vivid date of our 50th Anniversary fast approaching. Not to wish our time away, we will enjoy the 49th year and all that comes to us. But we will also have to use that time wisely to prepare and plan for the celebrations that will be for our 50th Anniversary.

Along those near 50 years Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley faced many distractions.  However, the one driving force has been that sense of PRINCIPLE of JUSTICE; and so they forged ahead with Eagle determination, meeting all challenges with confidence and a smile.  So too it is my mantra.  Not only to continue the work and foundation set before me, but to guide us into and beyond our 50 Years, looking forward to the day we have harmonious relations with all our neighbours; and politicians see the light that we emit as a beacon of hope for many around the world.  Then politicians may see what the people really want and need to ensure that they get it.

I wish you all my best wishes for a happy 2019 and good luck with your goals.
Celebrate the small steps achieved anyway.

My Best Wishes



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