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Orders Of Precedence In Chivalry.



The Sovereign.
H.R.H. Prince Graeme

Is Sovereign of each Order.

HRH Prince Graeme upon ascending to the PHR Throne has taken the 4 Orders of Chivalry under his wing as Sovereign.
It may be at a future time that he appoints new Grand Master to 1 or all of the Orders, but at least for now they will remain under the Sovereigns Command.

The authentic orders of chivalry associated with the Principality of Hutt River in order of precedence are:

The Order of Wisdom and Learning (O.W.L.), The Illustrious Order of Merit (I.O.M.),
The Serene Order of Leonard (S.O.L.) and The Royal Order (R.O.).


Order of Wisdom & Learning

The Order of Wisdom and Learning is fourth in order of precedence. It has four grades, including one below the level of knighthood. This order is a reconstituted version of an older PHR order, with a new name and purpose. Its primary objective is to recognize persons who have made significant contributions to the field of education at all levels.

Ranks from Lowest to Highest:.....

Male: Companion.  Title : Companion.....C.O.W.L.
Female: Companion.  Title : Companion....C.O.W.L.

Male: Knight.  Title : Sir....K.O.W.L.
Female: Dame.  Title : Dame....D.O.W.L.

Male: Knight Commander.  Title : Sir....K.C.O.W.L.
Female: Dame Commander.  Title : Dame....D.C.O.W.L.

Male: Knight Grand Star.  Title : Sir....K.G.S.O.W.L.
Female: Dame Grand Star.  Title : Dame....D.G.S.O.W.L.

Special Charter
Knights Protectors of the Female Agency in Science.

In April 2008 H.R.H. Prince Leonard was approached by Lords Robert Pope, Earl of Phoenix and Lord Robert Todonai, Earl of Lock and asked if he would Charter a special Knights Protectorate of the Female Agency in Science.

In Consultation with the Duke of Gilboa, H.R.H. Prince Graeme, H.R.H. Prince Leonard established a special Order by Royal Charter within the Order of Wisdom and Learning. To date the Order of  Wisdom & Learning is the only Order of the Principality to have had a Special Charter raised.
Details of this special charter of the O.W.L. may be found here:...

Knights Protectors of the Female Agency in Science

This Order is Unavailable.


Illustrious Order of Merit

The Illustrious Order of Merit is third in order of precedence. It originally had five grades but now has seven. Like the S.O.L., the I.O.M. can be awarded to non-citizens and citizens alike. It is intended to recognize high achievement in fields other than politics, diplomacy and economics including but not limited to:
a) honor, devotion to duty, outstanding loyalty; b) social sciences, health, humanities; c) arts, literature and culture; d) science and technology; e) commerce and industry; f) tourism and public relations.
This order is the most flexible of all, as it includes a number of levels below that of knighthood, allowing for potential advancement.

Ranks from Lowest to Highest:.....

Male: Member.  Title : Mr......M.I.O.M.
Female: Member.  Title : Ms/Mrs......M.I.O.M.

Male: Officer.  Title : Mr.....O.I.O.M.
Female: Officer.  Title : Ms/Mrs......M.I.O.M.

Male: Commander.  Title : Commander.....C.I.O.M.
Female: Commander.  Title : Commander....C.I.O.M.

Male: Knight.  Title : Sir.....K.I.O.M.
Female: Dame.  Title : Dame......D.I.O.M.

Male: Knight Commander.  Title : Sir....K.C.I.O.M.
Female: Dame Commander.  Title : Dame....D.C.I.O.M.

Male: Knight Grand Commander.  Title : Sir....K.G.C.I.O.M.
Female: Dame Grand Commander.  Title : Dame....D.G.C.I.O.M.

Male: Knight Grand Star.  Title : Sir....K.G.S.I.O.M.
Female: Dame Grand Star.  Title : Dame....D.G.S.I.O.M.


Serene Order of Leonard

The Serene Order of Leonard is second only to the K.R.O. It is structured in four grades and, unlike the K.R.O, which is rarely awarded to non-PHR citizens, the S.O.L. may be conferred on outstanding individuals who have contributed to society at large or for a notable achievement--especially in the areas of politics and economics. This decoration also serves to recognize outstanding service to the Principality by PHR citizens and is intended as an alternative to the K.R.O when advancement to the peerage is not contemplated. This order is especially appropriate for diplomatic and consular representatives.

Ranks from Lowest to Highest:


Male: Knight.  Title : Sir.....K.S.O.L.
Female: Dame.  Title : Dame......D.S.O.L.

Male: Knight Commander.  Title : Sir....K.C.S.O.L.
Female: Dame Commander.  Title : Dame....D.C.S.O.L.

Male: Knight Grand Commander.  Title : Sir....K.G.C.S.O.L.
Female: Dame Grand Commander.  Title : Dame....D.G.C.S.O.L.

Male: Knight Grand Star.  Title : Sir....K.G.S.S.O.L.
Female: Dame Grand Star.  Title : Dame....D.G.S.S.O.L.


Royal Order

The Royal Order, the premier and senior order of the Principality, was originally named the “Order of Royal Knights“. Early on, the K.R.O was deliberately restructured to provide a noble association of peers under the “umbrella” of the Order as they advanced from knighthood to the peerage. This arrangement is unique to the Principality in the way that the path to advancement in the nobility is via this portal. In theory, the Sovereign Prince could elevate a person to the peerage who is not a Knight of the Royal Order, but this has never occurred. Thus, this Order is considered the foremost in prestige and honor and is granted only after careful consideration of the recipient’s character and personal integrity.

Ranks from Lowest to Highest:.....


Male: Knight.  Title : Sir.....K.R.O.
Female: Dame.  Title : Dame......D.R.O.

Male: Knight Commander.  Title : Sir....K.C.R.O.
Female: Dame Commander.  Title : Dame....D.C.R.O.

Male: Knight Grand Commander.  Title : Sir....K.G.C.R.O.
Female: Dame Grand Commander.  Title : Dame....D.G.C.R.O.

Male: Knight Grand Star.  Title : Sir....K.G.S.R.O.
Female: Dame Grand Star.  Title : Dame....D.G.S.R.O.

Baronets of the Royal Order (Bt., K.R.O.)

Earl Marshal of the Hutt River Principality

The Grand Bailiff

The Grand Master, The Grand Duke of Hutt


E-MAIL the Earl Marshal

Information sourced from the PHR Earl Marshal Regulations (Rev.)

Further information may be obtained by visiting the Royal College of Heraldry here!

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