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60th Birthday
Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Graeme on the occasion of His 60th Birthday!
Sixth day of
September 2017


Order of Wisdom and Learning

  Knight (KOWL)
      Derek L Jefferson
(Cranebrook, N.S.W.  AUSTRALIA)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
approaching 30 years service as a volunteer with various local organisations.

Derek Jefferson has given of himself over many, many years in taking up volunteer positions with many organisations including Volunteer on the Board of Management, Secretary and Chair, of a Council operated and owned Child Care centre, established to service the housing commission area of Mt Pleasant in NSW; IntSAR Volunteer International Sea Air Rescue & Humanitarian Aid Service (formally International Rangers) a volunteer service for rescue and humanitarian aid etc. etc.

Sir Derek L Jefferson KOWL.
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Sir Derek L Jefferson  KOWL.





  Knight Commander  (KCOWL)  


      Coxwain Dave Roberts

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
more than 20 years service as a volunteer with the Humber Rescue Service.

Coxwain Dave Roberts voluntarily service to the local and regional communities all around the vast and treacherous Humber estuary, helps greatly in the ongoing success of the life saving Humber rescue service. For over two decades Dave’s unpaid charity work has been relentless, despite many obstacles.

He has displayed moral courage and a long term vision and commitment, as well as decision making that turned out successfully.
His role is not just limited to responding to the call outs. As the main coxswain, he also leads the charity as their Chairman, has the responsibility as the principle for Humber Rescues RYA Training Centre status and leads the local fund raising through acting as the main contact for supporters and fund raising.

Coxwain Sir Dave Roberts KCOWL.
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Coxwain Sir
Dave Roberts KCOWL.





  Dame Commander  (DCOWL)  


      Mrs Debra Lee Newing

Bestowed with the Rank of Dame Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
virtually a life of volunteering and support provided in and to her local area.

We could not find any better words to describe what Debbie has done for others than some of the words received from her peers in their nomination for her recognition in this round of honours:
"Debbie Newing is a lady who gives her heart and soul to her community before herself. She does not consider that she has done anything special over the last 37 years but to everyone that knows her, she is a one in a million with a big heart and a can do attitude and failure is not a word. If a job needs doing in a community organisation she was a part of, Debbie was often the person making it happen with great success. In the true meaning of the word Debbie is the person that embraces the community spirit without recognition herself".

Debbies recomendation and reasons for the nomination are far to numerous for us to pick ouut so we leave it with simply stating "Thank you" from all those who know you Debbie and;

Dame Debra Lee Newing DCOWL

Dame Debra Lee Newing DCOWL
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Illustrious Order of Merit  


  Member (M.I.O.M.)  


      Ms. Betty Bic Yue Kwan B.Pharm.

Bestowed with the Rank of Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Outstanding service to those reliant upon her proffessional care in her chosen profession of Chemist and her work in the field of oncology.

Betty has been nominated for recognition of her work in oncology pharmacy and her tireless efforts and patience with all that is required to ensure that cancer patients receive the medications that they require.

Ms. Betty Bic Yue Kwan MIOM., B.Pharm





  Commander  (CIOM)  


      Mr. Damien Schobbens OIOM
(Limal. BELGIUM)

Elevated to the Rank of Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit by HRH Prince Graeme for:
Outstanding support of both the Sovereign and the nation of the Principality of Hutt River.

Damien has been a non-resident Subject of the PHR for a number of years now and for a long time has been a supporter.
He is commonly seen on rides in both Belgium and France, including charity rides, astride his USA Harley Davidson Highway Patrol Cruiser
bearing the PHR Great Seals and flying the flag of the PHR.
Damien is to shortly become another member of the PHR Diplomatic Corps with his soon to be announced appointment as PHR Special Envoy to Belgium.

Damien "on patrol" for the PHR!
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Mr. Damien Schobbens CIOM





  Knight  (KIOM)  



Mr. Eric Moens
(Wemmel, BELGIUM)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
outstanding services to the community and in particular help and support provided to the kids in the community, bringing many a smile to the faces of sick and disabled children both in Australia and abroad.

Eric is the President-Founder of "Bikers4Children' Belgium.

No more needs to be said!

Sir Eric Moens KIOM
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Sir Eric Moens KIOM




  Dame Commander  (D.C.I.O.M.)  
      Ms. Cheryl Denny

Bestowed with the Rank of Dame Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
her outstanding
services to the local community.

 Cheryl Denny, worked in a voluntary capacity for more than 27 years at the local Neighbourhood House.
There had been no creche available for young mums to safely leave their children while enjoying learning new crafts and generally socialising with other mums in similar situations. She created the creche and offered the hundreds of children who passed through over the years many and varied activities - arts, crafts, games and indoor and outdoor activities, supplies often purchased from her own funds.  

When the "House" was in danger of closing due to lack of people willing to take office in management positions she stepped up and took the role of Secretary and then Chairperson, all the while continuing to run the creche so that the children did not miss out.  She was an invaluable support, not only for the mums but for older local residents as well who were able to socialise in a comfortable, safe atmosphere.

Such dedication, effort and ongoing work deserves recognition and that is what
we now respond to.

Dame Cheryl Denny DCIOM
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Dame Cheryl Denny DCIOM




Royal Order


  Dame Grand Commander (D.G.C.R.O.)  

Dame Christina M. Baikie DCSOL., CD.
PHR Hon. Deputy Registrar of Companies &
Hon. Editor PHR Royal College of Advanced Research Publishing Arm.

Elevated to the Rank of Dame Grand Commander of the Royal Order for:
er continued, ongoing and unwavering support of the Principality and it's Sovereign as well as her commitment to truth and justice.

Dame Chris continues to provide support to the Sovereign and the PHR whenever called upon and always does her utmost to see that all are
represented truthfully and factually. Her efforts especially over the last couple of months have been most apprectated and has shown just how firmly
she stands in support of the PHR.

Dame Christina Baikie DGCRO., DCSOL., CD.




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