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86th Birthday
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Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of His 86th Birthday!
Twenty Seventh day of August 2011



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The Honourable

Mr. Roland Wilkin
Awarded the Title of "The Honourable" by HRH Prince Leonard
Manager of Sun City Wreckers & Towing (Automotive Servicing),
Roland is awarded the Title of "The Honourable"
for the courteous and professional service he provides to the public at all times.


Hon. Mr.
Roland Wilkin

Ms. Julie Desmond

Ms Julie Desmond, Manager at "Getaway Outdoors Geraldton" is Awarded the
Title of "The Honourable" by HRH Prince Leonard for:
 the courteous and professional service she provides to the public at all times. Julie is an exemplary person who takes great care and pride in ensuring that those she assists are listened to and provided with what they need and also actively participates in fundraising for both community and charities.

Hon. Ms. Julie Desmond



Order of Wisdom and Learning




Companion  (COWL)


Ms. Kaitlin E. Godbey
(Henderson  Nevada - U.S.A.)
Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning
Recognized by the Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River for outstanding service to her local community and the environment by way of educating and mentoring.

Kaitlin is a remarkable girl that has exceeded expectations in both her life purpose and humanity. She is currently involved in the preservation of North America's Wild Mustangs, true vestiges of America’s Wild West.
Kaitlin remains active in her role as mentor for younger students enrolled in the Reynolds College of Journalism as she continues her own education and she takes an active role on the board of many NFP boards of management as well as having played an active role in Outreach and Camp management areas for the Girl Guides.


Ms. Kaitlin E. Godbey COWL


Knight  (KOWL)



Mr. Robert Garland  BS. (AppliedChemistry)
(Hervey Bay  Queensland - AUSTRALIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning
Nominated by his Peers and recognized by the Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River, Robert not only provides guidance and support for people, primarily jobseekers, through his business, ( vocational education and training ), but he is an accomplished thespian with his local theatre group, an active Rotarian of many years and a senior member of his local Surf Life Saving Club. Robert has spent many years in the pursuit of excellence and imparts this excellence onto others through training and development and mentoring of youth. This was also evidenced by his award of a Queensland Community Hero Award in the State of Queensland for his part in the restoration of normality by communities in the North following Cyclone Yasi.


Sir Robert Garland  KOWL., BSAC.


 Mr. William Pitt
(Bowral,  N.S.W. - AUSTRALIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning
For his efforts as an outstanding author of factual books detailing events and actions in history of importance to mankind.
Author of a book entitled "An Australian Monarch" released in 2010, detailing the story of the formation of the Principality of Hutt River and its standing in law after 40 years.


Sir William Pitt  KOWL.




Dame Commander  (DCOWL)


Ms. Cruz Sánchez de Lara Sorzano
(Madrid, KINGDOM of SPAIN)
Bestowed with the Rank of Dame Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for her outstanding and on-going efforts on behalf of the victims of domestic violence and sexual aggression throughout the globe.

 Ms. Cruz worked in low income marginal areas of cities such as Buenos Aires (Villa Soldatiy Luganoworking for free with the Fundación Alicia Moreau de Justo). In Guatemala she presented to Congress the petitions of indigenous women and organized work shops to help them rise from the armed conflict & sexual agression and she is the author of the Decálogo sobre la Mujer, that the Association of Nobel Prize Women adhered to. In Palestine she worked jointly with Israeli and Palestinian mothers that had lost children in the conflict. Ms. Cruz has also worked in the Dominican Republic helping women to create mechanisms of defence against their agressors. In other countries she has trained female lawyers for free so they may be capable to aid victims of domestic violence and sexual agression: in countries such as Haití, Panamá, Marruecos, Italy, France & Ecuatorial Guinea.
An author of many books, with all the royalties from her books and her investigation work going to NGO's around the world to help in their fight against domestic violence and sexual agression
Ms. Cruz is currently working with the Fundación Real Madrid as Patron of the  Fundación Amparo Rubiales for the opening of Real Madrid schools for children with the risk of becoming social outcasts in the South of Spain and now has other similar projects in South America.

Truly a person of honour and of a high calibre.


Dame Cruz Sánchez de Lara Sorzano DCOWL


Knight Grand Star  (KGSOWL)

 Dr. Robert Ronald Hutchison OAM
Bestowed with the Rank of:
Knight Grand Star of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
his contribution to the local community as the Northampton Medical Practitioner (GP) for over 35 years. During this time he has invested much of his time working with medical students, teaching the future generation of rural medicine practitioners.
Dr Hutchison is also attributed with having established the first Diabetes Clinic before they became seen as essential tools for general health and well being.

In 2010 Rural Health West of Western Australia, on behalf of his peers, recognised Dr. Hutchison with an award for more than 30 years of service to rural and remote communities of Western Australia.

 Dr. Sir Robert Ronald Hutchison KGSOWL., OAM




Illustrious Order of Merit  


Member  (MIOM)


  Miss Jade Prinsloo
Bestowed with the Rank of Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Whilst only yet a young lady of 10 years, Miss Jade impressed HRH Prince Leonard and others here in the PHR with her manners and courteous approach in seeking out facts and information from us and other sources (which she thought to check for accuracy) concerning the history of this Principality to use in a project she was required to complete as part of her year 5 primary school education at:
Our Lady of Lourdes in Dardanup, Western Australia..
 Jade had chosen to feature the PHR for her assignment and showed outstanding thought in her approach for accuracy and correctness in her work, asking inventive and educated questions beyond those commonly asked. Jade's reward (and that of her parents we are sure) was her attaining an exemplary result of a "GOLD" award in every category that her assignment was marked on, the best that could be attained across the board.
This young lady has the ability to go far.

Miss Jade Prinsloo MIOM

The following four members of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command CANADA are Bestowed with the Rank of Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:

 Having provided 12 months (on-going) Service with the Legion which provides Support in all manner of areas to the local community & surrounds in which it operates based in Ridgedale, Saskatchewan.
HRH is the proud Hon. Commissioner in Chief of the LFICC.


Sergeant Wallace Hanson.


Corporal Annabelle Hanson.


Sergeant Theresa Ann Vogt.

Corporal Elmer Vogt.


Sergeant Wallace Hanson MIOM.
Corporal Annabelle Hanson
Sergeant Theresa Ann Vogt
Corporal Elmer Vogt MIOM.




Officer  (OIOM)


  Mr. Gary Fitzgerald (Fitzy)
Gary Fitzgerald, proprietor of Sun City Wreckers & Towing is
Bestowed with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit f
honesty and integrity in his business ethics and for professional and reliable service he insists and requires be provided to his clients.        

Mr. Gary Fitzgerald OIOM

Mr. Peter Berryman
Peter Berryman, Director of Getaway Outdoors Geraldton is
Bestowed with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit f
the high level of service & support he provides and requires to be provided to his customers and for his support of local NFP & charitable organisations in his local community.


Mr. Peter Berryman OIOM



Commander  (CIOM)

Ms. Annabel Grundy

Bestowed with the Rank of Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit f
the professionalism shown and provided to & the outstanding support of HRH Prince Leonard and HRH Princess Shirley in her "Guest Management Role"
for the Sydney Film Festival 2011.
Annabel was most thoughtful, courteous and detailed in all she provided for the Sovereign's visit to Sydney and she provided a truly faultless service above what was required or even expected of her
"A pleasure to work with." was the comment from PHR staff in their dealings with Annabelle.

Ms. Annabel Grundy CIOM



Knight Grand Commander  (KGCIOM)

CC. Sir G.B. (Barry) Metcalfe KCIOM., MCM., AMM.
Outlook-Saskatchewan, CANADA

Advanced to the Rank of Knight Grand Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
continuous, on-going and outstanding support and service given his local community and the PHR and its Sovereign, in his role as Founder/Chief Commissioner/Mentor of the LFICC of which HRH Prince Leonard is most proud to be Patron and
Hon. Commander in Chief.
Sir Barry has seemingly endless energy and care to offer his community and has had an outstanding success in the formation, management and operational skills imbibed in his work with the LFICC which provides a most important and appreciated service to the town of Ridgedale and surrounding communities in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sir Barry takes a moment from clearing the footpath!

CC. Sir G.B. (Barry) Metcalfe KGCIOM., MCM., AMM.




Serene Order of Leonard



Knight  (KSOL)



Mr. Anthony Wright
(McKinnon, Victoria, AUSTRALIA)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Serene Order of Leonard for:
his unending energy and enthusiasm in his position as founder and driving force etc of the Royal Enfield Club of Australia (Inc.) of which HRH Prince Leonard is proud to be Patron and Hon. Member.
Anthony is honoured for the promotion of learning and comradeship in the club and for his efforts in keeping the Principality up to speed on the club's exploits etc. He always makes sure the Patron is aware of what is happening both in and with the club.

A quote from a Peer about Anthony that we find most suitable:..
"He worked, cajoled, pushed, shoved, persuaded, inveigled and charmed to get the Club going. His boyish innocence, energy and enthusiasm has been quite infectious. He is very lovable and is easy to forgive for his occasional distractions. He is fun to be around and quite good company for an attention deficit hyperactive disordered adult.  I like him a lot.
Do I support his appearance in HRH's 86th Birthday Honours List ? Absolutely! Does he deserve it for his work with the Club and getting a group of like-minded folks together and being responsible for all the friendships that have been formed in this group?
Emphatically, YES!

Sir Anthony Wright KSOL


Grand Cross of Hutt


   Dr. Sir Robert Ronald Hutchison KGSOWL., OAM
Bestowed with the:
Grand Cross of Hutt - The Highest Award of the PHR.

Having hailed originally from Scotland, Dr. Sir Robert Ronald (Ron) Hutchison KGSOWL., OAM has served the community of Northampton and surrounds as well as attended the Royal Family of the PHR as a G.P. for more than 35 years.
As he advances towards his retirement (more like semi-retirement as it is not seen that he will ever just "retire") it is time that he be recognised for his outstanding service and for his leadership and mentoring given in his field of medicine during all of his time.
Whilst based in such a small rural community he has still remained up to date with modern medicine and indeed was first to see the importance of the establishment of Diabetes Clinics in order to combat what he saw as a problem in society and he is credited by his peers with establishing the first such clinic.

In 2006 Dr. Hutchison was recognised by both the local community
and the Australian Government for:
service to medicine as a general practitioner in the Northampton area and through the provision of clinical education for health care professionals and students"
when awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2006.

It is seen as more than right that such service and devotion be recognised by the PHR at this time by way of the highest award available to the Sovereign.
The Grand Cross of Hutt is the highest grade PHR State Award awarded to non-citizens of the PHR and solely at the Sovereign's discretion. To date, it has not been required to issue such a high award, but in this instance, with such a highly respected and dedicated man who is seen as both a very important and indeed influential person in both the local area and in his field, that the opportunity to bestow the first ever GCH has arrived and no better could be found on whom to bestow this honour for the very first time.
The inaugural Grand Cross of Hutt.


 Dr. Sir Robert Ronald Hutchison GCH., KGSOWL., OAM





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