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Presentation to the ECCWA
September 2011

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The Sovereigns 87th Birthday Honours list, August 27 2012 saw the Ethnic Community Council of Western Australia Inc. awarded the Red Cross of Hutt Charity Shield for their outstanding services to the ethnic communities of Western Australia.

A member of the board of this Council and a Knight of this Principality, Sir Richard "Ananda" Barton KOWL., BA Hons., kindly presented the award on behalf of HRH Princess Shirley and the Board of the Red Cross of Hutt to the President of the ECCWA  Ms. Kim Luby at the ECCWA AGM on Tuesday September 25th.

Presentation speech by Sir Richard "Ananda" Barton KOWL., BA Hons:

It is a great privilege to present the Red Cross of Hutt Charity Shield to the Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia on behalf of their Royal Highnesses Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley
of the Principality of Hutt River.

The Red Cross of Hutt award recognizes charitable and humanitarian work, in Australia and overseas. The award usually recognizes individuals for their efforts but on rare occasions it has been awarded to organizations, this is only the third time that it has been awarded to an organization, a fitting recognition of the Ethnic Communities Council’s efforts on behalf of multicultural communities in Western Australia.

In presenting this award it is worth noting that although the Principality of Hutt River is one of the world’s smallest nations it is also one of the most culturally diverse, with subjects numbering more than 15,000 people from 73 countries.

Since having no option but to declare independence from Australia in 1970 in order to stop the Australian Government from taking the privately owned family farm away from its lawful owners, the Principality as it is today, with a small population and limited resources, has enjoyed prosperity and stability that are the envy of many, much larger nations. On behalf of their Royal Highnesses I would like to invite you all to visit the Principality and see for yourselves how dreams have become reality. 

Thank you.


    Photographs of the presentation.
(Click Thumbnails for larger view)
        Red Cross of Hutt
Charity Shield
  Sir Richard & the RCH Certificate      
    Sir Richard's gives the presentation speech. Ms Kim Luby President of the ECCWA accepts the presentation Sir Richard and Ms Kim Luby with the presentation.  
Photo's above courtesy:
Dr Y. S. Yow & Associate Professor Zarrin S Siddiqui
(Click Thumbnails for larger view)


    ECCWA Response
    The ECCWA kindly responded to receiving this award by making a thank you presentation in return to HRH Princess Shirley as the Patron & Chairperson of the Red Cross of Hutt and Sir Richard attended the Principality over the weekend of the 29th - 30th of September along with a friend Ms Pam Searle, in order to present greetings from the ECCWA and a presentation from them to HRH Princess Shirley.
For the presentation a small gathering made up of a number of the Royal family, including HRH Prince Leonard & Princess Shirley, all 5 Princes and Duchesses Sheryl, Annette and Lyn, along with a few visiting friends. attended an afternoon tea held in the Tea Rooms.
    (Click Thumbnails for larger view)
      Prince Graeme introduced to Ms Searle with Sir Richard Barton on the left of the shot Main table begins being seated with afternoon tea. Sir Richard "Ananda" Barton makes a small speech followed by the presentation to HRH Princess Shirley on behalf of the Ethnic Community Council of WA (ECCWA)  
      Here HRH Princess Shirley has received the presentation and is opening the package prior to displaying the gift and making a small thank you speech in return for the kind thought  
      Pointed out around the room!
      The PHR has a strong involvement with ethnic communities given the number of overseas Subjects of the PHR and it was also noted that the guests at the presentation were surrounded by artworks from the Royal Collection, many of which portrayed various ethnic origins, here are shown just a few of them.  

(Click Thumbnails for larger view)


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