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In addition to the work performed by the RCH for the Crown and the Government, HRH Prince Leonard has approved certain services to the public at large. Applicants need not be a citizen of PHR to benefit from these if otherwise qualified.

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A. Registration of Existing Arms - Individual or Institutional

Definition -- Registration is the acceptance of armorial bearings, and their recording in an official registry following verification of compliance with basic norms established by the RCH.


Qualification -- Acceptable evidence of the provenance of the arms is required. This includes proof of direct linear descent or gift by patent from the original armiger to the present owner, or, evidence that the arms are an original design drawn for the present owner. The design must conform to accepted PHR heraldic standards, or the applicant will be advised of changes needed and must modify and resubmit, accordingly. The College cannot register arms originating from a reference work which only shows arms attributed to a surname, with no proven link to the petitioner or his line of descent. The blazon (traditional written description) submitted must conform to the law of heraldry. If no blazon is submitted or the blazon is deemed to be incorrect by the RCH or incomplete, the applicant will be given the option of withdrawing the application or commissioning a proper blazon, subject to payment of a lawful surcharge


Procedure -- The applicant submits the materials required for review. These include a clear copy of the arms, preferably in colour and a complete written description (blazon). The latter is especially important if the image submitted is black line or half tone rather than colour. Digital images are acceptable, as are reflective copies. All available information as to the provenance of the arms should also be included. The College cannot conduct private heraldic or genealogical research nor can materials be returned.


The materials are carefully reviewed by the College. The applicant may be contacted by RCH personnel and should provide all possible assistance. If the arms submitted substantially conform to the norms, The Chief Herald will authorize the official registration and the issuance of a certificate attesting thereto.

The handsome, illuminated parchment Certificate of Registration features the arms of HRH, the Earl Marshal and the RCH and is signed and sealed by the Earl Marshal. The blazon is included on the certificate, and a reproduction of the petitioner’s arms may be included on the document, if the image quality permits.

    Fees for Registration of Arms and Issuance of Certificate
    Basic Registration Fee: US $400.
Blazon fee (when required) US $20

Procedure -- A $50. non-refundable handling fee is submitted with materials. The balance is due when petitioner is notified that the certificate is ready. The entire fee may be pre-paid under the same terms. In the event of prepayment and the College determines that petitioner’s arms cannot be registered, payment will be refunded, less the handling fee. Fees are non-refundable after registration has begun.

    B. Grants of Arms by Letters Patent

Definition -- By this process, new arms are devised by The RCH for petitioners deemed eligible, ownership is conveyed by Letters Patent document , by warrant of the Earl Marshal and the new armorial bearings are registered by the College.


Qualification -- The petitioner submits a written request for the creation of personal, corporate or institutional arms. The letter must provide evidence of the suitability of the petitioner to become an armiger, e.g. a recent CV and / or personal endorsements attesting to character, repute, accomplishments, etc. Petitioners are subject to screening or background investigation at the discretion of the College. Peers, Dignitaries and Military Officers of the Principality are exempt from the evidentiary requirement, but not from other procedures and fees. A non-refundable petition and evaluation fee must accompany the petition.

Procedure -- Officials of the RCH confer with petitioners to receive personal input in advance of design. A number of rough, preliminary sketches are submitted for review. Upon acceptance of the design direction, the balance of the fee is payable--after which the design work proceeds. The petitioner accepts the right of the RCH to adjust designs to conform to the laws of heraldry as interpreted by the College.

The arms are painted, taking into consideration the petitioner’s comments. The finished rendering of the achievement of arms is provided in a size and form suitable for framing. The Blazon is finalized and the painted arms are incorporated into a Letters Patent document that officially conveys the grant of arms to the petitioner and his descendants. The patent document is issued under warrant from the Earl Marshal, bears the Abridged Arms of the Sovereign, the Earl Marshal, the College and is signed and sealed by the EM. A numbered copy of the certificate incorporating the blazon and depicting the arms is deposited in the registry of the College. The original patent document is the proof of registry. Inquiries from competent heraldic authorities as to the provenance of arms granted by these regulations will be promptly and thoroughly answered by the Office of the Earl Marshal.

There are two basic options for rendering of arms, 1) all digital and 2) a combination of digital and hand painting. In the latter case, the large library painting is painted by hand in traditional manner, while digital art is used on the Patent Document.

In addition to the basic achievement-- shield, mantling, helm, crest and motto--other elements may be elected as part of the total package. These are listed on the fee schedules and costs are in addition to the base fee.

    Fee Schedule for Grants of Arms to Private Individuals
    Option 1) All Digital

Base fee for Achievement of Arms ............$750
Add for Standard .....................................$350
Add for Badge ..........................................$250
Supporters (where allowed) ......................$550
    Option 2) Combination

Base fee for Achievement of Arms............ $1150
Add for Standard..................................... $475
Add for Badge ..........................................$350
Supporters (where allowed) ......................$750


A non-refundable $50 handling fee is submitted at time of application. The balance is payable at the time petitioner approves and countersigns the written proposal of the College. Once the college has commenced work on the design, the fees are non-refundable.

    All fees are quoted and payable in US Dollars.
Please contact the Office of the Earl Marshal by e-mail for mailing address and remittance instructions. No telephone calls can be accepted.
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