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******** MEDIA RELEASE ********
        Issued: 01st June 2017        

Australian Tax Office
HRH Prince Leonard
W.A. Supreme Court
01st June 2017

By: HRH Prince Graeme, Sovereign Principality of Hutt River.



HRH Prince Leonard presented himself to the WA Supreme Court today @ 10:00 AM on the instructions of the Writ of Summons from the Australian Taxation Office’s Deputy Commissioner of Taxation. 

Under severe duress and suffering with his emphysema Prince Leonard valiantly presented his case to the Hon. Justice Le Miere; and was followed by the ATO’s Solicitor from the Australian Government Solicitor’s Office address and clarification of their case and counter points to our argument. 

Since our Conditional Presentment in February 2017 much legal paperwork and arguments have been sent back and forward to the Plaintiff through the court; as this is not about the dollars but an attack on Sovereignty.
After about one hour the Hon. Justice Le Miere summarized what he had heard and stated that he would reserve his decision.

Once again, after 47 years of waiting for some decision, Prince Leonard and the peoples of the Principality of Hutt River are yet again to wait. 

The decision is not one about the secession, as this court and perhaps no court of Australia can hear that case. This is about whether or not the WA Supreme Court has jurisdiction over the PHR to allow the ATO laws and orders to be judicially applied to resident citizens of the PHR despite already having found them to be “non-residents” of Australia for the purposes of Income Tax.

   HRH Prince Graeme

 Principality of Hutt River
        01st June 2017



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