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Constitutional Challenge served on the Australian Parliament!
Media Release 18th March 2012


HRH Prince Leonard Challenges the Australian Parliament

In October 2011, HRH Prince Leonard Casley, Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River, issued a formal challenge upon the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, the challenge being that all members of the parliament thereof were sitting in Parliament without Constitutional Authority.

The Hon. Julia Gillard, Prime Minster of Australia, the Hon. Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition, all sitting members of the Australian Senate and the majority of members of the Australian House of Representatives have to date been issued with the challenge. 

Her Excellency Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, was challenged as to the Constitutional validity of her appointment.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Sovereign of Australia was respectfully informed by way of copies of the challenges.

The Australian Attorney-General’s Department took this matter up on behalf of the parliamentarians of Australia who made claim that under the1965 Electoral Act the qualification to be an elector for the Parliament of Australia was to be that of an “Australian citizen”.

However, the Australian Constitution has a Queen. Under Common Law anyone whose birth happens within the allegiance of Territory of the Crown is a “Natural Born Subject” not a citizen.

The 1949 Citizenship Act should have referred to the “Queen’s Australian Subject”, constitutionally,” not “citizen”, whilst territorially such persons were “Australians”.

The 1965 Electoral Act then would have been legislated for a “Queen’s Australian Subject”, not “Citizen”.

The Australian Constitution was drawn up by Queens Subjects, for the ruling of Queens Subjects, and the Constitutional rights of Queens Subjects, not Citizens.

The wrongful wording of the legislation has therefore made all Australians, including the members of the Australian Parliament, to be Aliens in relation to their own Constitution.

Any Parliament of Australia who maintains such wrongful legislation is committing offences against the Australian Constitution and against Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In the Australian Constitution, section 117 expresses “Rights for the Queens Subjects”.

The present wrongful legislation deprives all Australians, who have wrongfully been legislated to be “Australian Citizens” instead of being the “Queen’s Australian Subjects”, of their Constitutional rights.

No Australian government who maintains legislation depriving Australians of their Constitutional rights has any legal claim that they are acting in the interest of Australians who they are representing in the Australian Parliament.

Such persons are guilty of offences against the Australian Constitution, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and all Australians.

Both HRH Prince Leonard and the Government of this Principality stand by to assist the Australian Government to correct these extremely important matters of error within the Australian Constitution and to point out and advise regarding other anomalies contained within the Australian Constitution that need also be attended to.

At a cursory glance these matters may seem to be minor, individual words, a phrase, a play on words even, but in reality these errors, though they may look small in fact create the difference between a lawfully appointed government and an unlawfully appointed government. The difference between being a citizen of a nation or an alien in one’s own land.

The Constitution, any Constitution, provides the ground rules, the rules and laws that MUST be followed in the running of anything from a club to a nation, words that may not be “interpreted” but rather must be “obeyed”. In this particular case the Australian Constitution provides the words that guide the country, that guide the government. From these words comes the law, which once again is made up of “mere words” but such powerful words and words that must be followed by all, without exception.  Any breach of the Constitution is a breach of Constitutional law and therefore must be attended to, as anything that results from the breaching of the Constitution is unlawful and all that follows as a result of that breach is unlawful ad infinitum.

The matters upon which I have raised and challenged the Australian Government with are just some of the matters of great import contained within the Australian Constitution which are either being ignored, people are unaware of or are simply being manipulated to suit purposes.

Changes to the Australian Constitution are recognized as needed and they cannot any longer be ignored as the country is moving further and further away from it’s very foundation upon which it was built and is meant to stand.

My government has a policy not to involve itself in matters of concern to others whilst at the same time does not appreciate others involving themselves in our matters. In this instance we have to get involved because we have a duty to both protect the dual citizenship holders of the Principality of Hutt River who reside in Australia and this government wishes to settle our relationship with Australia and forge a treaty. As I have said all along, this can only be effected between two lawful governments. Whilst the Government of PHR is lawful, Australia is without a lawful government and this must be corrected so that a treaty may be agreed upon.

These matters should be looked at as a matter of urgency with the aim to correct the legal position of the Parliamentarians who are currently wrongfully sitting and indeed for the benefit of all Australians.

These matters must be addressed and addressed correctly, there is only one way in which this may be done and that is “BY THE PEOPLE”!

The people of Australia should be made aware of what their politicians have done and are doing to them.

    HRH Prince Leonard
Principality of Hutt River
           March 2012

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HRH Prince Leonard


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Extended Statement of Constitutional Challenge

HRH reply to the Australian
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March 2012




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