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Final Farewell

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HRH Princess Shirley Joy Casley
Dame of the Rose of Sharon
Kentucky Colonel
Patron & Chair of the Board of Directors - Red Cross of Hutt
Patron & Colonel in Chief Royal Hutt River Legion

19 July 1928 -- 07 July 2013

PHR Flag at half-mast in Nain for the passing of
HRH Princess Shirley

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the Matriarch of the Principality of Hutt River, HRH Princess Shirley, who passed away peacefully surrounded by her family and with
HRH Prince Leonard by her side, at 8.30am Sunday 07th July 2013.

Princess Shirley stood by the side of her husband, Prince Leonard, through more than 66 years of marriage, raising 7 children who between them have produced 22 Grand Children and more than 30 Great Grand Children.
Her care for her family never ceased and it is fitting that she passed away whilst in their care, with all at her side.
Arrangements for the funeral are yet to be finalized; details will be announced as soon as
they are available.

HRH Prince Leonard wishes to thank all those, both family and friends alike, who have offered and provided their support to Princess Shirley and himself over the last few months as they have fought this battle together, .
Prince Leonard also wishes at this time, to thank all those who sent messages of love and kindness to them over this same period, your kind thoughts and actions have been a blessing during this time and benefited both greatly.

Once again, all love and support will be greatly appreciated through the rough times ahead as Princess Shirley is laid to rest and Prince Leonard and family begin the next stage in their journey.

The Principality of Hutt River Offices will now shut down for a period of mourning with minimal staffing maintained to handle urgent matters and to attend those visitors who arrive in the
Principality daily.

Camping and overnight stays in the Principality will be unavailable for the immediate future as we are now in a state of mourning. We will announce when such may resume.
The borders will be closed and secured at 4pm daily,
with no crossing of the border permitted after 4pm or prior to 9am 7 days a week.

As a mark of respect for HRH Princess Shirley, it is commanded that all flags of the PHR, wherever they may be flown, are to immediately be lowered to half-mast and remain at such for a period of
12 days, the period which is to be set aside as an official period of mourning and is to encompass and include the 19th July that date being HRH Princess Shirley's birthday.

We trust all will understand and bear with us at this time as this loss is a great blow to all of us here in the Principality, given that HRH Princess Shirley was so loved by all.


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HRH Princess Shirley Joy Casley
19 July 1928 -- 07 July 2013
Gone......But never forgotten!

Profile of:
HRH Princess Shirley

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Television News broadcast courtesy of GWN7 Network Western Australia - Announcing the passing of HRH Princess Shirley

Television News broadcast courtesy of GWN7 Network Western Australia - Reporting on the Celebration of Life day held Nov 23rd in Nain

Article appeared in the Kilkenny People newspaper, Republic of Ireland, Princess Shirley's ancestral home August 08 2013.


Australian flag at half-mast outside Northampton Shire Council Offices for the passing of
HRH Princess Shirley

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Royal Couple celebrating the 40th Anniversary 2010

Funeral & Service Arrangements

Funeral was held at the Fremantle Cemetery in Fremantle, Western Australia on Friday July 12.

A public Service was held in the West Chapel at Fremantle Cemetery.
Assembly for the Service at 09:50am Friday July 12.
A copy of the Eulogy delivered at this service has been made available on this website.
Following the Service the cortege proceeded to the Interment.

For those in the Principality of Hutt River and surrounds, a Memorial Service is being planned to be held in the Principality at a time and date yet to be confirmed.
At this time it is expected that a memorial to Princess Shirley will also be unveiled.
Further information on this will be provided once matters are confirmed.

HRH Prince Leonard and family wish to thank all those who have emailed messages of condolence and support regarding the loss of Princess Shirley. Those messages are very much appreciated and help us in our loss, showing
how highly Princess Shirley was regarded and loved by so many.
As many such messages are being received, we will be opening a "messages of condolence" section on this site,
where we will publish as many of those messages as we can, so that all may share.
Once established, we will provide links to visit and the section will be updated regularly.

Sending of Messages of Condolence
Condolences may be forwarded direct to the Webmasters
or the PHR main office and will be handed to HRH Prince Leonard at a suitable time.
All will be published on the Memorial Wall here on the website and archived for perpetuity.
Condolence cards/messages should be posted to:

HRH Prince Leonard
Government Buildings
Principality of Hutt River
Via Western Australia 6535


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