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  Story of the Historic
PHR - Vatican Involvement

The association of HRH Prince Leonard with personnel of the Vatican, may be considered as from the time which Sir Thomas Ericksen, Ambassador for Hutt River Province, Knighted Patriarch Josyf Slipyj, Cardinal Archbishop Major of the Vatican, on behalf of HRH Prince Leonard.

Later, HRH Prince Leonard was invited to the Vatican, to be involved in several quite major functions with Cardinal Josyf Slipyj and the Ukrainian Bishops of the World. When HRH Prince Leonard received the invitation to visit the Vatican from Cardinal Josyf Slipyj, through the Bishops in Melbourne, Prince Leonard mentioned that he would accept the invitation and also that he would consider issuing some Postage Stamps to commemorate his first International trip and first visit to the Vatican.

A while later Father Crespo Neches gave HRH Prince Leonard a full length photograph of His Holiness Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Josyf Slipyj, saying that the photograph was sent out especially from the Vatican with a message that he could use the photograph for Postage Stamps and to also put his own photograph on the stamp alongside their photographs. This HRH Prince Leonard did, as one may see within this manuscript. The PHR stamp issue then released exhibited the photo of HRH Prince Leonard and H.H. Pope John Paul II together, this is believed to be the first time that a Pope has consented to being pictured alongside another Head of State on a postage stamp?

It is interesting that HRH Prince Leonard did change his research from pure basic Physics to Law and subsequently into the pure Physics of the Spiritual and formed a Royal College of Advanced Research (for specific research in Spiritual). He has written a number of very advanced Books on Spiritual using Mathematics, primarily using Mathematical Probabilities to form a Mathematical Model, but which in the Spiritual Field is known under the classification of "Gematria".

His students, now researchers, have also written some books in this field under HRH Prince Leonard's guidance and tuition. These books are in a number of National Libraries including Australia, American, Israel, etc...

From the Mathematical Models HRH Prince Leonard calculated a Mathematical model of a wave frequency, energy of "God".

This of course is then purely a Hypothesis, and to prove it up to a Theory it is desired to prove it "Visually". To do this proving, he used the "Fibonacci Series", which is of the shape of "All Living Matter", and they combine quite perfectly.

It is from there that one may take out further evaluations on the Spiritual, that is from a Visual point.

Then he calculated a Formula. which when applied to anything which exists will give the Mathematical Formula of the Wave Frequency which is sent out into Infinity, unless acted upon by another force. This was done in order to further evaluate the Spiritual Energy.

In the various groupings of the same Wave Frequency of various models, patterns do occur.

Whilst HRH Prince Leonard had no contact or even knowledge of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences he attempted to set up a Research Organisation in Jordan. After receiving very favourable response, through his Representative there, from several Universities, it is reputed that the Australian Government pressured the Jordanian Government to stop this happening and Prince Leonard's Representative had to flee Jordan.

  • Wherein the Wave Frequency Model of "God" fits to the Fibonacci Series then, is "God" the sum product of all Spiritual Energy of the Living?

This question, is already under research, and is a matter which at this time should be seriously considered, especially with the advanced knowledge now available.

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Papal Blessing

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Bestowed upon HRH by Pope John Paul II 03 September 1998

Postage Stamps Released
to Commemorate PHR - Vatican involvement

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  Issue 11
Christmas 1978

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  Issue 11 - SPECIAL
Vatican Commemorative Cover
An extremely rare cover with less than 20 having been specially provided & addressed by the Vatican as personal commemoratives for the HRP Royal Family, marking the death of Pope John Paul I.
Only 1000 of  Issue 11 FDC's were personally carried to the Vatican by the Bishop's Chancery of Melbourne Legate to the Hutt River Principality (as it was known at the time) Rev. Father Santiago Crespo. The cover was affixed and postmarked by the Vatican Post Office by Command of the Vatican, with a commemorative postage stamp of Pope John Paul I commemorating his rule from 26 August 1978 until his death 28 September 1978. These covers were offered to the public as a special "one per order" deal.

**Cover pictured is one of the "Special Vatican Provided covers
which was owned by the late Mother of HRH Prince Leonard**
  Issue 14
Vatican Visit by
HRH Prince Leonard

  Issue 14 - SPECIAL
Vatican Visit by HRH Prince Leonard 20/09/1979

This is an outstanding and rare event issue and what is believed to be the first time a Pope has allowed his head to be placed on a stamp alongside a Sovereigns head.
A small number of covers were carried to the Vatican by HRH Prince Leonard and whilst attending there they were stamped FD issue on Sept 20 and at the same time were overprinted with the Vatican visa and Vatican postage stamp, at least two different Vatican postage stamps were used by order of the Vatican Authorities to acknowledge & commemorate the Royal Visit.

There were only a small number of this issue treated in this way and many of those were presented at the Vatican dinner to attendee's (mainly Bishops) by HRH Prince Leonard.
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