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Appointment of Arms to The R.C.A.R.

The Royal College of Advanced Research of the Principality of Hutt River is most proud to announce the Appointment of Armorial Bearings to the College by the PHR Royal College of Heraldry.

With many thanks to Lord David Burkart KGSRO and his team of Heraldic specialists at the RCH this College may now proudly display it's own Arms for the first time since it's establishment in 1994.


Here is the Appointment detail along with the blazon of the Arms following which we display the designs of the Arms themselves:........

Armorial Bearings of the Royal College of Advanced Research

Principality of Hutt River

The newly designed heraldic identification of the institution founded by HRH Prince Leonard in 1994 follows traditional norms and incorporates symbolism specifically relating to the origins and activities of the College.  The best heraldry is said to be the simplest and this design reflects that maxim.

 Objects of the shield:

The pyramid represents applications of ancient knowledge, including geometry, specific mathematical ratios, numbers, geographical and celestial orientation and esoteric meanings. It also refers to the Pyramid of Hutt and the research by RCAR dealing with energy fields and properties of crystals.

The Estoile is the celestial version of several star forms used in heraldry. It represents

Astronomy, Cosmology and the ongoing work of RCAR and HRH in Gematria, pure physics and related fields. It also alludes to the fact that HRH has a star named for him.

A heraldic estoile usually has six points, but more may be specified. Ours has seven, a significant number in ancient lore as well as the number of children of the Sovereign and a unique distinction from other heraldic stars.

Tinctures used: 

Azure or blue of the field appears in other PHR heraldry and represents the sky.  The Argent or silver of the charges is complementary to the blue and represents celestial bodies and energy forces.


The Blazon:

Blazon is the term used for the written description of an achievement of arms by which the design is precisely recorded, allowing a heraldic artist to faithfully render it by following the blazon.  The traditional language of blazon often includes elements of Norman French.

 The blazon of the RCAR shield of arms is:

 Per Chevron Azure and Argent the base per Pale the sinister four Bars Gemel Azure in chief an Estoile of seven rays Argent.


 The RCAR armorial bearings take two forms. A simpler Badge, suitable for many applications, consists of the Prince’s crown atop the shield and a scroll with the motto of the College.  A more elaborate variant includes flanking quill pen “supporters” representing the research, scholarly discourse and writings of the RCAR preserved for posterity via its publishing activities.  The quill pen supporters are blazoned:  two Quill Pens made from Wedge Tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) Feathers proper”-



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