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Natures Spirit Code



The latest area of study embarked upon by the RCAR using the ancient mathematics involved in gematria is the discovery made of Natures Sprit Code and it's relationship and identification of every living being.

World leading discoveries in this area have led to further expansion on the subject and an edifice is presently under construction in the PHR which will be opened as part of the 45th anniversary celebrations to be held in April 2015 (further information may be found elsewhere on this site).

This construction, to be named as Princess Shirley’s Sacred Educational Shrine - “Gateway to Nature’s Spirit World” will contain “The Stone of Light”, which has a new mineral included.
This stone has great historical factors in relation to when the Royal Sons took it from its place in the Capricorn Ranges.

You will also find the identical “Nature’s Spirit Codes” of both “Jesus” and “Muhammad”, as well as the Spirit Codes for “Jerusalem” and the “Kaaba’ which was taken from Jerusalem. Hence you will also see that “Nature’s Spirit Code” for the “Kaaba” is reversed to that of “Jerusalem”.

The equations for the universe at rest and the universe then “Creating” are also to be found within this Shrine.

A great number of small statues of animals and birds all with their “Nature’s Spirit Codes” will also be there for all to see.
More may be read by visiting HRH Prince Leonard's "Royal Rhetoric of December 2014" and further information on the 45th anniversary celebrations may be found elsewhere on this site.

The RCAR has also made available the ability to purchase a "Natures Spirit Code Certificate that will provide you with your own Natures Spirit Code which also makes a great gift for a loved one at only $30 + post. More details may be obtained by emailing the RCAR, link provided below.

Also available to Subjects of the PHRin conjunction with the Minister of State, is a new Photo ID card named the "Gold Pass ID" which will also display your own personal Natures Spirit Code in numerals and bar-code.
This ID card is valid for 3 years at a cost of only PHR/AU $50.00 & application forms may be found here:.. http://www.principality-hutt-river.org/gov/PHR_Govt_Downloads.htm





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