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State Crown of
HRH Prince Leonard
to the:

Tributes received page concerning the:

Abdication of HRH Prince Leonard
Enthronement of HRH Prince Graeme

State Crown of
HRH Prince Graeme
  In this section you will find just some of the many messages of thanks and congratulations received
concerning the abdication of the Sovereign HRH's Prince Leonard
and the Enthronement of the next Sovereign Prince HRH Graeme in no particular order.
The Ceremony held in Princess Shirley's Chapel of Nain February 11 2017.
This page will include photo's of the day once they are available.

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Mr. Warren Kelly
Prime Minister
  Dame Julia Galvin
Sporting Representative of the PHR
  Mr & Mrs G Caine   Hon Sir Jeffrey Poole  


  Ms. Julie Klein   Kalbarri Visitor Center   Dr. Lord David P. Burkart, KGSRO   Peter Zapfella  


  Rabbi Dr. Sir Shalom Coleman GCH., KGSOWL., CBE., AM., MA., PH.D Hon., LLD (UWA)., JP   Royal Enfield Motorcycle Club Inc.   Hon. Sir Glyndwr David Wellington KOWL., CIOM   W.A. State Governor  


  W.A. State Premier   Royal Hutt River Silvertails   PHR Maj.Gen.
Sir Bill Spier Jr.


  John Wheelock
  PHR High Representative to Central Europe and Balkans   Leesa Vlahos MP
Adelaide State Govt.
South Australia
  Sir Manfred Wozniak
PHR Special Envoy to

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