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A letter to HRH Prince Graeme from:
Jason Jun - South Korea.
Thank you to Jason for allowing us to publish the text and photo's below.
The letter is as written in English by Jason

Dear sir.

I'm Junminhyung.

I actually had a sense of antagonism to society, especially the English-Speaking World.

To be precise, it was a rebellion against the forces that dominate the world (the USA, Australia and other English speaking countries)

Then one day, I came to know the place called PHR through the news.

I was ignored and harassed by people every day in junior high school, and I felt like a way out of realty.

So after that I was interested in PHR and I decided to go on my trip to Western Australia.
But at first it was a difficult decision for me.

It was too far away, and at that time I had a phobia about foreigners.
On the other hand, I was excited to go to other continent.

Now after going to the PHR, anti social feelings (foreign hatred, foreign language abhorrence, etc) have begin to disappear.
And in the color many cultures I became aware of my freedom and existence.


Note from" HRH Prince Graeme

"Jason's words speak for themselves and they help strengthen our resolve, knowing that we are heading in the right direction, to help make this world a better and more peaceful place to live."

    Photo's provided by Jason Jun


    Jason standing in front of
the Nain entry gateway
Jason at the Secession Stone. Jason & his father with Prince Leonard & Prince Graeme    

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