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Welcome to the Principality of Hutt River
Ministry of State.

In this section of the website, the Ministry of State (MOS) will publish all messages it wishes to convey to both citizens of the Principality and the general public.

The Minister of State is appointed by the Sovereign by way of Royal Decree.
The powers and executive authority of the Minister of State are as laid out in the PHR Constitution and may be found in Part V “Executive Government” with particular attention to Articles 43 & 44:..

Article 43.
The Executive power of the Principality of Hutt River is vested in the Sovereign and is exercisable by the Minister of State as the Sovereign’s representative assisted by a Cabinet consisting of as many Ministers, Vice Ministers and State Secretaries
as considered necessary.

Article 44.
The Minister of State as the Sovereign’s representative has responsibility for the executive services of Government and is Head of the Police Force. The Minister of State chairs, with a casting vote only, the Cabinet.

The Minister of State may act in a wide variety of areas as is seen to be required at any given time, with his main purposes seen to be liaison between the Sovereign and Cabinet as well as to assist the public and PHR Representatives and Officers where necessary or as requested.
The Minister of State is also responsible for the day to day running of the Principality, to handle public enquiries and to support the Diplomatic Corps wherever needed by Sovereign Decree.

All communications with the Ministry of State, the Government of the Principality of Hutt River and any of its Agents or Representatives may only be communicated with, either by email addresses issued by the PHR Domain ( or .org) or to their respective postal addresses or published phone numbers.

All authorised Agents, Representatives and Offices are listed on the Government Contact Page.

If anyone purporting to represent the Government of PHR is not on the Government Contact List then you should contact either the PHR Main Office at:  or the Office of the
Minister of Electronic Communications at: 

Please provide a report with all information available concerning the person making claims so that any information may be investigated and acted upon. Be aware of dealing with anyone not listed in the Government contact list, especially by email, as you will be dealing with unauthorised individuals and not with the Principality itself.


Link here:
Introducing HRH Prince Graeme
Minister of State & Education


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Urgent appeal for support from
HRH Prince Graeme
Minister for State & Education.
(Published June 2017)

      ----- BREAKING NEWS! ------ HRH Prince Leonard to Abdicate! -----

Breaking News: More may be learned about the abdication by visiting the Jan 2017 Royal Rhetoric
HRH Prince Leonard's final Rhetoric as Sovereign of the PHR

HRH Prince Graeme's' response ------ CLICK HERE!

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