Government of the

Principality of Hutt River  

In Memoriam


Dr. Director General Sir Nathan M. Jones

Hon. Special Envoy to South Carolina
Director General of PHR Diplomatic Security Force (I-3)
20 September1955 -- 30 December 2009



It is with much sadness and indeed shock, that we mourn the passing
of a loyal and hard working representative and supporter of this Principality,
Dr. Sir Nathan Jones.

Sir Nathan had become a friend to many of us over these past years, as we worked together and shared together in matters of the Principality and of each other.

Sir Nathan supported this Principality with maximum energies and faultless honesty and was of outstanding service in the foundation and advancement of the Diplomatic Security Service, of which he became the Commander and was responsible for upgrading its operating codes and manual.

As a representative of this Principality to his home State of South Carolina
we could not have had a better man to work with.

We all looked forward to meeting him in the flesh at last come April when he was to take his long planned trip to Nain, to help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

We are all greatly saddened by this loss.

Our Thoughts go out to Lady Sarah, Kristina Amethyst Jones, Sabrina Lee Cummings, Jeremy Jones and his wife, Misty and all the rest of Sir Nathan's Family and friends.


Best wishes from us all.

  HRH Prince Leonard
Principality of Hutt River

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