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Diamond Wedding Anniversary
19/04/1947 - 19/04/2007
37th Anniversary of Secession
21/04/1970 - 21/04/2007


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Candid Snaps from:
Friday 06/04/2007

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Greetings from the Webmasters!

Most of the photo's you will see on these Celebration Pages , as elsewhere around this website, will be those of ours, the webmasters.
Whilst we are not photographers, we do like to bring you shots, albeit mainly candid shots, of events and happenings in the Principality. Some of the pictures may have been "touched" by the mouse in raising brightness levels etc in order to assist the view, not professional, but we hope informative.
Should we include photo's or materials by others, we will of course always acknowledge them.
Most shots are taken with our trusty, though now ageing,
Olympus C-1000L digital SLR.

Today was Hot and very humid in the Principality with temperatures reaching near 40C (102F) which led to an uncomfortable day, particularly indoors, so many spent time in the swimming pool at the rear of the tearooms.

Today saw the arrival of the TV Crew from ARD 1 Germany as well as the arrival of most of the family members coming to Hutt to join in the celebrations with HRH's Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley, to not only celebrate the 37th Anniversary of Hutt's secession, but particularly to help celebrate the
Diamond Wedding (60 years) Anniversary celebrated by the
Royal Couple this weekend. (Actual date 19th April).
A huge milestone in anyone's experience!

A virtual "campers city" is already commenced with a many tents and additional caravans set up in the Van Park area and more are yet to arrive!
Today saw a family luncheon provided in the tearooms, the Royal Couple were in attendance with the TV crew as their table guests.

A lot of filming and interviews were conducted by the TV crew today and they are looking forward to recording the ceremonies and Investitures to be held in the Chapel of Nain tomorrow afternoon and they have also asked to film the Official Unveiling and release of the Dual Celebration Coin.
At some point tomorrow they will also film and interview HRH as he formally announces the release of his latest book of writings entitled "PARADISE", a book forwarded with the comment
"For Our Children".

Tonight see's a small family dinner to celebrate the Diamond Wedding Anniversary and an early night I feel!

Sir Steve

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Candid Snaps from:
Saturday 07/04/2007

Candid Snaps from:
Diamond Wedding Dinner

Candid Snaps from:
21st April


3 Shots above of TV Crew interviewing HRH alongside the Stone Bust.

4 shots above show the almost complete clad Pyramid of Hutt.

Camper City begins!

3 shots above taken as lunch finished.
(did not wish to disturb the eating!)

These 4 shots just taken towards the arcade, note the German Flag flying in recognition of the film crews presence!



These 5 shots as HRH prepared for an interview in the Boardroom.

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