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        Issued: 27th October 2013        
'Celebration of Life - Final Farewell'
To Remember:

HRH Princess Shirley

Dame of the Rose of Sharon
Kentucky Colonel
Patron & Chair of the Board of Directors - Red Cross of Hutt
Patron & Colonel in Chief Royal Hutt River Legion

19/07/1928 - 07/07/2013


A 'Final farewell' for the late Princess Shirley will be held in Nain over the full day of Saturday November 23rd 2013.
All are invited to attend and join with HRH Prince Leonard and members of the Royal Family in the 'Celebration of Life' activities planned for this occasion.

  • As part of the day, a special ceremony will be held during which the Chapel of Nain will be dedicated to HRH Princess Shirley, a favourite place to Princess Shirley. The ceremony will include the unveiling of a stone monument to Princess Shirley which will be located to the left of the entry door and the opening of a room in the chapel dedicated to the history and life of HRH Princess Shirley. A room which will see many photo's and information about her life on display for all to see and read. The dedication ceremony will commence at 2pm November 23rd in the Chapel of Nain. 

  • The day will also see the release of a new book “Celebration of Life” by HRH Prince Leonard. This book details much of the life of Princess Shirley and her family and includes the wording of the 'Ceremony of Remembrance and Eulogy' that was given at her funeral service on July 12th 2013.
    Included in this book will also be found Prince Leonard's latest science paper ‘Gods Particle 10989’, which he has dedicated to Princess Shirley. He has also included a science paper which he wrote in the 1960's, which was one of the many papers that HRH Princess Shirley saved from a bonfire into which Prince Leonard had  thrown his writings out of frustration at the time. It is one of the very many that Princess Shirley had raced around saving without Prince Leonard's knowledge, in order that they indeed were not lost, she succeeded in saving many at that time. The paper also provides Prince Leonard's evaluation of the velocity of gravity as well as a few other scientific resolvements. Whilst this book does contain the science paper dedicated to HRH Princess Shirley, much of the book is about HRH Princess Shirley herself and is a wonderful salute to her.

  • All will be invited to visit a new display in the tearooms, where you may view a display made up of many of the Taiwanese paintings, statues, vases and scrolls which were presented to HRH Prince Leonard by the people of Taiwan & his former Ambassador to Taiwan the late Sir Martin Louey. The collection displayed also includes some very special Taiwanese dresses that the late Sir Martin Louey presented to HRH Princess Shirley, who thought they were too special for her to wear.

This is a very special day to be put aside to remember Princess Shirley.
We invite you all, to join with Prince Leonard and the Royal family for this occasion.
A 'CELEBRATION OF LIFE' to remember the late HRH Princess Shirley Joy Casley.
Please come and join us, Saturday, November 23rd 2013 here in the Principality of Hutt River.

As HRH Princess Shirley would undoubtedly like to show her appreciation to those joining us for this occasion, a Red Cross of Hutt badge & a small card will be presented to everyone who attends, as a a token of remembrance.
Princess Shirley was the chair of the Red Cross of Hutt which is the primary charitable arm of the Principality. The care of others was always on Princess Shirley's mind.


 Bring your own lunch and picnic in the Principality or purchase lunch whilst here with lovely home-made pork stir fry & rice in various flavours available to purchase on the day, or maybe a baked potato in it's jacket served with butter and/or sour cream.
A service provided by Northampton FESA Cadet Corps as a fund raiser.
Following the Ceremony of Dedication in the Chapel of Nain, an afternoon tea will be available at no charge.

We look forward to seeing all here in Nain on Saturday November 23rd 2013.



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