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Hutt River

The Principality of Hutt River (PHR) is an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from Australia on the Twenty First Day of April 1970 and is comparable in size to Hong Kong, though the Principality is larger  in physical size than many countries such as Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, and Nauru to name but a few.


The Principality of Hutt River is situated within Western Australia and is about 75 square km in size, consisting of approx 7,486ha (18,500 acres) of mainly flat or undulating farmland, well covered in places with a wealth of shrubs and beautiful wildflowers. The economy is based upon agriculture, which includes the export of wildflowers as well as tourism.

The Principality is a constitutional, hereditary and democratic monarchy, with HRH Prince Graeme as the Sovereign and Head Of State and a Government is exercised, under the Sovereignty of the Prince, by a Minister of State and assisted by a Government consisting of as many Ministers, Vice Ministers and State Secretaries as necessary to lead the Country. 
Whilst the existence of PHR as a Sovereign State was initially contested, for many years now it has been accepted and left in peace. With the same Head of State for 40+ years, and since Feb 11th 2017 ruled under the Sovereignty of HRH Prince Graeme, the Principality is proud to have such leadership and therefore the Principality must be regarded as a very stable country. 

Prince Leonard was a keen supporter of both the Arts and Conservation and has named parts of the Principality with such names as Lake Beginning, Mount Secession, Lake Serenity and Wild Boar Gorge, views that are also held and supported by his youngest Son and now Sovereign Prince Graeme. The main townsite, Nain, has been developed with buildings to provide basic facilities for tourists who visit the Province in their thousands each year, and with modest Government and Reception buildings as well as basic support for campers, inc a small ablutions block, campers kitchen and a small caravan parking area with Power also available.

Facilities include an Administration Building containing the Government Office and Post Office, a swimming pool and Tea Rooms/Function Centre and a charming Inter-Denominational Chapel as well as a small arcade housing the Memorabilia Dept. and Historical Society displays. A new Reception Office is also in operation and recent extensions to the Tea Rooms/Function Centre have now enabled that to cater for double it's previous capacity and includes a beautiful and very comfortable outdoor undercover area.

A new camping and caravan park area was established in time for the 2010 40th anniversary celebration weekend and it has created the ability to cope with larger scale visits during special occasions without cramping and a lovely, relaxed area is now available for all to enjoy the peace and tranquillity offered by a stay in the Principality.

While the local resident population is small, a large number of Overseas Citizenships have been issued to people around the globe.
The Principality also enjoys a good, active and
widespread diplomatic representation throughout most of the developed world.


Royal Rhetoric

HRH Prince Leonard announces his Abdication


It is with a heavy heart and after much thought and consultation with my Cabinet and ADC that I have to inform all that the Government of the Principality of Hutt River is about to go on hiatus. Our borders will be closed to all (including tourists) and all government external services will cease at close of business Friday 31st January 2020 until further notice.

Please note:
This means the PHR Government will cease issuing entry/exit VISA’s to visit the PHR from that same date. Nor will the Government accept applications for any Government services such as non-resident Subject applications, Passports, all licencing etc. etc.


HRH Prince Graeme's response to the abdication of
HRH Prince Leonard
and his own enthronement as
Sovereign of the PHR

PHR Ministry of State
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