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The Earl Marshal

The Principality of Hutt River has a mature tradition of heraldry and chivalry based largely on English and Scottish norms, codified over time, beginning with the Medieval period. The responsibilities of the Earl Marshal of the PHR are enumerated in the Peerages and Dignities Act of 1999 as amended 2004.* Duties of the Earl Marshal include oversight of the RCH and of chivalric matters, in general. He advises on matters of protocol and draws up the official Order of Precedence* as well as a list of Approved Orders of Chivalry* with respective ranks thereof. In addition to design of armorial bearings, the Earl Marshal also oversees the design of decorations, awards, seals, flags and regalia of state and of the four official Orders of Chivalry:
The Royal Order,
The Serene Order of Leonard,
The Illustrious Order of Merit,
The Order of Wisdom & Learning*

The current Earl Marshal of the Principality,
His Excellency, Lord David P. Burkart, Earl of Stratford, KGSRO., KCST., FWS., FCIS. was appointed by Royal Warrant of HRH Prince Leonard on 4th April, 2003. Dr. Burkart is a professor of medieval history, heraldry and chivalry and has more than forty years of experience as a professional artist and designer and is a member of several international heraldry associations. He holds diplomatic appointments in addition to his academic and professional pursuits and presides from the North American Chancellery, which also houses the Office of PHR High Representative to USA.

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Heralds have traditionally provided valuable service to Kings, Princes and other Sovereign Persons and the Principality of Hutt River is no exception. The Royal College of Heraldry (RCH) was established soon after the successful secession of 1970 and functions today under PHR law -- viz. The Peerage and Dignities Act.



The traditional responsibilities of the RCH are conducted under the warrant of the Earl Marshal and include advising the Sovereign and Cabinet on matters related to heraldry; designing and executing arms and other heraldic devices for the State and Sovereign. With the advent of the new millennium, a proposal for the RCH to offer certain services to citizens and dignitaries of PHR as well as the public, at large, was approved. These are:

1) To review existing private or corporate arms submitted and, if suitable, to officially register such arms and provide applicants with a document of registration

2) To devise and draw new arms on the British model, for worthy petitioners; to issue
Patents of Arms governing these arms and to officially register them

3) To maintain an official registry of the acts taken under 1) and 2)

4) To liaise with official and private heraldic bodies world- wide to the benefit of PHR


Authority, Implementation

The Office of The Chief Herald conducts many of the functions of The Royal College of Heraldry under authority delegated by the Earl Marshal. The RCH has authority to draw up and set forth regulations and fees governing all approved functions of the College, to issue Patents of Arms under The Royal Seal and to establish and maintain an Official Registry for patents and other documents. The Earl Marshal, assisted by the Chief Herald, represent the Principality in all matters heraldic and the Patents issued under the authority of the Earl Marshal have the full force and effect of PHR law.

The Chief Herald serves for an indefinite term and he may be domiciled in any country. He is authorized to engage the services of qualified independent Heraldic Artists to assist in the performance of his duties. The current Chief Herald of The Royal College of Heraldry resides in Australia.

* The Earl Marshal will respond to serious inquiries by writers or researchers.
Contact his office via e-mail and describe the information sought



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