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Biblical Archway
The Biblical Gateway atop Mt Secession

Many interesting monuments and natural features draw tourists to the rugged
but beautiful countryside


The economy is based mainly on agriculture, especially the gathering and export of wildflowers, both cut and dried, but also including cultivation of wheat, barley, and lupines and farming of sheep and cattle for meat and wool export. Tourism has also developed into a major economic source, despite the Principality not having gone out to seek the tourist dollar, but rather people seem to drop by to hear the story and meet the people who refused to bow down but rather took on a Goliath and won. There are pending plans for further orderly internal development of the national infrastructure.

As mentioned, whilst the Principality is not established nor aimed at the tourist market, visitors are indeed welcome at any time between 9am and 4 pm 7days a week (the only day the border is closed is Christmas day),  although large tour groups must make advance arrangements, and there is much for them to see, including the beautiful Chapel of Nain, the Post & Government Offices, various monuments and other attractions including the Pyramid of Hutt and the Biblical Gateway (which is located atop Mt Secession about 1 mile from Nain). There is also the large array of oil paintings belonging to the PHR Royal Art Collection to view, many by well known Australian artists the late Frank Pash, Earl of Nain and Prof. Lord Robert Pope, Earl of Phoenix, as well as various carvings including the larger than life rock bust of HRH Prince Leonard, hewn by hand with a small axe by a USA artist named Marc LeBuse & many pieces of metal "found art", including the life-size Knight and his female attendant.  Stamps, coins, currency and souvenirs are available for purchase.

The Principality is located near several popular Australian national parks and scenic destinations, including the historic town of Northampton, Kalbarri Township with its coastal gorges and the famous Kalbarri National Park with magnificent gorges carved out by the Murchison River. The Principality may be reached by beginning one's journey in Perth, the beautiful capital of Western Australia some 370 miles to the south.

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