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In 1969, the government of Western Australia imposed draconian wheat quotas on local farmers. After prolonged discussions failed to resolve the crisis, Leonard George Casley and his associates seceded from Western Australia and the Commonwealth. The citizens remained loyal to Queen Elizabeth II, however. Leonard Casley was elected administrator of the newly named Hutt River Province. Faced with further threats from a new federal government, Administrator Casley was elected Prince Leonard to protect himself and his supporters from prosecution, using arcane provisions of British Common Law    
Pungnga by Dougie Ryder

The Principality of Hutt River lies in lands sacred to the Nunda, the local Aboriginal people since ancient times,
thus they bestowed upon Prince Leonard the title, "Protector of the Legends
Indigenous art is highly collectible
In subsequent years, word of the Province and its unique story spread throughout Australia and the world. Many people of good will lent their moral support to Prince Leonard and his cause and some came to volunteer their skills and labour. Prince Leonard is widely admired for his achievements, including his lifelong struggle for fundamental human rights and justice. He is also a scientist, mathematician and philosopher of note, having received many awards and honorary degrees

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