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Flags fly above the secession monument opposite the government complex at Nain
HRH Prince Leonard of Hutt
Prince Leonard governs as head of a Cabinet that includes Crown Prince Ian and other ministers. There is a codified body of laws and a social welfare program for residents.    
      The World      
    Recent years have seen a heightened profile in the foreign policy of the Principality of Hutt River. Consistent with the government's fundamental principles, statements supporting self-determination, human rights and justice for all peoples have been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The effectiveness of the Ministry is enhanced by the presence of PHR diplomatic representatives in over 30 countries. They also support the quest for eventual formal recognition. The Principality maintains cordial, informal contacts with many governments and non-governmental organizations and its passports are gaining in acceptance. Prince Leonard has been accorded honours befitting a head of state and, in recent years, relations with Australia have warmed.    
    For detailed information about official policy declarations, legislation and a wealth of other facts, visit the Government Section of this site    
    The Royal Hutt River Defence Forces provide an opportunity for persons who have prior military service or just an enthusiastic interest in military affairs to join with compatriots around the world in a special affinity group. There are active Army and Navy contingents that provide honour guards for ceremonial purposes, furnish protection for the Sovereign and fulfil other duties. Commissions are available to qualified Hutt River Subjects upon application and sponsorship.

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