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45th Anniversary Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of the
 45th Anniversary of Secession!
Twenty First day of April 2015





The Honourable



Thomas Henley
(California, U.S.A.)
Awarded the Title of "The Honourable" by HRH Prince Leonard for services to others.

The Hon. Thomas Henley





Order of Wisdom and Learning


Knight Commander  (KCOWL)





Prof. Sir Ian C. Hale KOWL
High Littleton U.K.
Elevated to the Rank of Knight Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for his ongoing research related to the genetic and genomic aspects of Autism, its impact on the Autistic person, their family and friends as well as how it is perceived and handled by educators, medical and social providers. Prof. Hale's findings include the fact that the percentage of Autism in populations is a constant throughout every country, racial, cultural and social grouping so far examined, making it one of the defining proofs of our shared humanity. Prof Hale is also a historian and author, very active in civic affairs both on a Parish and regional level.
Prof Hale has continued in his studies and providing education and guidelines in the area particularly related to Autism and has now published a number of books and papers on the subject.
His aims, to expand knowledge of the condition and help all those involved with caring for sufferers.

Prof. Sir Ian C. Hale KCOWL

Prof. Sir Ian C. Hale K.C.O.W.L.








Illustrious Order of Merit  


Member (MIOM)


Sergeant Amanda Casselton RHRL
(1st Barton Platoon, Perth W.A.)

Sergeant Amanda Casselton has now served with the Royal Hutt River Legion, 1st Barton Platoon in Perth, Western Australia for more than 12 months and has proven to be a most valuable member of the Platoon.

Sergeant Amanda Casselton MIOM

Sergeant Amanda Casselton MIOM., RHRL




Officer (OIOM)


    Cpl Lisa "Aliyah" Oliver MIOM., RHRL
(1st Barton Platoon, Perth W.A.)
Cpl. Lisa "Aliyah" Oliver MIOM has now served with the Royal Hutt River Legion, 1st Barton Platoon in Perth, Western Australia for more than 2 years. Her efforts are greatly appreciated and we value her service.

Cpl Oliver receives her Corporal stripes from Cpt. Sir Ananda in late 2013

Cpl Lisa "Aliyah" Oliver OIOM., RHRL




Knight Commander  (KCIOM)

Peter Mark Astwood
(Merseyside, U.K.)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Outstanding Service within his community, towards and for humanity in general.
A list of involvements in so many actions for the betterment of others from fundraising to providing free labour where needs were required to be met, Peter has always been there or been involved throughout his lifetime thus far. No change to this attitude of assisting others is expected, given his obvious concerns for others he may come across but rather he no doubt will continue to give and provide.

On right - Sir Peter Mark Astwood KCIOM

Sir Peter Mark Astwood





Royal Order



Dame (D.R.O.)


    Mrs Maureen Nellie Barton

Bestowed with the Rank of Dame of the Royal Order for:
Outstanding services to her local community and humanity in general

For very many years Maureen has held the respect of both her Peers and her community and has been an active member of the Country Women's Association (CWA) where she has held office at local, district and State levels, her overlapping service having seen her hold office in one form or another for more than 66 years.

Maureen has also served on the management committee of the Warren District Agricultural Society and is a member of the Warren Child Protection Group.

Not to finish there, Maureen has also given of her time to the Manjimup Community Food Store once a week for the last 5 years and she continues today.

Now in her 80th year, Maureen still continues to lead and inspire all those around her.

Dame Maureen

Maureen Nellie Barton DRO.





Knight Commander Royal Order (K.C.R.O.)



  Capt. Sir Richard Ananda Barton KCOWL., MCM., BA (Hons)., RHRL.
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander of the Royal Order for:
Ongoing loyal and outstanding service with the Royal Hutt River Legion serving his local community and humanity in general.

Capt. Sir Ananda is the Commander of the 1st Barton Platoon based in Perth, Western Australia.
He does not hold a "desk position" but rather is actively engaged in every effort of his Platoon. He constantly leads his members by example and is always looking to find new recruits to join his Platoon that they may take on even more work to assist those in need. He and his troop continue to seek out work that is needed to be done, people who need to be helped and any other activity or opportunity to help others.
In 2014 Cpt Sir Ananda and members of his troop took part for the first time in the HBF Fun Run based in Perth W.A. where the aim is to raise money for a very important community charity "Lifeline W.A."
Lifeline WA is an organisation that keeps people safe from suicide, supports people in crisis and keeps people emotionally well.
The 2015 event is now preparing to be run though unfortunately Cpt. Sir Ananda finds himself alone in his ability to take part this year as other members of the troop are unable to take part. Ananda has registered himself and will take part alone representing the PHR and the RHRL, such is his conviction to help others.
We ask on this occasion that you consider helping Sir Ananda by clicking the donate link on his FunRun page and making a donation - every bit helps!
HBF Fun Run

Sir Richard 'Ananda' Barton KCRO., KCOWL
MCM., BA (Hons)., RHRL.







Royal Hutt River Defence Forces
Office of the Commander in Chief
HRH Prince Leonard


Royal Hutt River Legion
    HRH Prince Leonard as Commander in Chief of the Royal Hutt River Defence Forces
orders that the following Royal Hutt River Legion Members be promoted in rank as follows:


Cpl Lisa "Aliyah" Oliver OIOM., RHRL
is from this day promoted to the rank of Sergeant


Sergeant Lisa "Aliyah" Oliver OIOM., RHRL

Sergeant Amanda Casselton MIOM., RHRL
is from this day promoted to the rank of
2nd Lieutenant


2nd Lieutenant
Amanda Casselton MIOM., RHRL

Capt. Sir Richard Ananda Barton KCRO., KCOWL., MCM., BA (Hons)., RHRL.
is from this day promoted to the rank of Major

Major Sir Richard Ananda Barton KCRO., KCOWL., MCM., BA (Hons)., RHRL.


HRH Prince Leonard
Commander in Chief RHRDF's

Hon. Commissioner in Chief LFICC





    Sir G. B. (Barry) Metcalfe KGCIOM., MCM., AMM. Chief Commissioner LFICC.
(Melfort, Saskatchewan, CANADA)

Effective this date, Sir Barry is elevated to the dignity of the peerage in the rank of Earl.
Sir Barry continues to support his community in Saskatchewan in his position as Commissioner in Chief and founder
of the Legion of Frontieresmen, Independent Command Canada.
Sir Barry has been appointed the name of "Lindsey" as this area has so much meaning and is the focus of so many of Barry's memories.

He shall henceforth be known as Lord Metcalf, Earl of Lindsey

Sir Barry addresses a meeting prior to his elevation to the Peerage.

Lord G.B. 'Barry' Metcalfe KGCIOM., MCM., AMM.
Earl of Lindsey
Chief Commissioner, Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command Canada



    Re-Appointing of Royal Duchesses

When the first Earl Marshal of the Royal College of Heraldry first created the Titles and Honours Act of the Principality all 4 of the Royal Sons were appointed Duke and each received their own individual Dukedoms by way of individual names.
It is not understood just why, but the three Royal daughters whilst being each appointed a Duchess, were all appointed as a Duchess of Hutt, thus no individuality at all.

HRH Prince Leonard, with the agreement and support of the PHR Earl Marshal has chosen to mark this, the 45th anniversary of secession as the time that each of the daughters shall be named as a Duchess in their own Right.

As from today the three Royal Duchesses will be known as:


Princess Kay


Duchess of Malarus 


Princess Diane


Duchess  of Mount Joy


Princess Sherryl


Duchess of Castile




The Principality of Hutt River

Orders Of Precedence In Chivalry.




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