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2012 New Year Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of the beginning of a New Year!
First day of January 2012


Order of Wisdom and Learning



Companion  (COWL)


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Mr Michael Martyna
(Alberta - CANADA).
Bestowed with the Rank of Companion in the Order of Wisdom and Learning:
Founder and Executive Director of projectafri.ca Mr Martyna's CV of service for mankind is long and varied especially for one so young to have expended so much time and energy in the pursuit of betterment and the education and development of people, especially those peoples in Africa, and in particular Ghana where he has raised funds to support medical facilities and services, as well as lecturing in health and welfare matters of extreme importance to those resident in third world areas. Michael lectures through two organisations, projectafri.ca where he lectures particularly in schools on the subject of global citizenship and through the Students International Health Association where he again lectures, particularly to school students on matters of sexual health and STI's/HIV, Michael is also an executive member of this Student Association.

A glowing nomination was provided by Michael's peers asking for recognition of Michael's achievements and giving to others and Michael more than fills the requirements that we look to for recognition and we hope to follow Michael's future as he continues being an example and inspiration to all young people wherever they may be, to care for others.
We hope to see future nominations put to us concerning Michael's list of achievements and would gladly receive such updates and no doubt bestow further awards as this young man continues to grow and we wish Michael well in his aims to enter medical school in the near future. As stated by one of his peers at the end of his recommendations:
These are just a few of Michael’s many outstanding achievements. He has political and social ambitions larger than any other person I know in his peer group and dedicates his time to making the communities he touches a better place."


Michael Martyna COWL.



Knight  (KOWL)



Hon. Glyndwr David Wellington

(Berkshire - U.K.)
Advanced to the Rank of Knight in the Order of Wisdom & Learning.
For services to the Principality of Hutt River and its Sovereign and the assistance, education and support offered and provided to the Principality IT. Dept.

Hon Glyndwr has supported the Principality offices and IT Dept for a number of years now, particularly in the area of printer hardware support and has enabled the printing and publishing areas of the Principality Offices to continue with the least possible downturn whilst maintaining a quality production at all times.


Hon. Sir Glyndwr David Wellington KOWL., CIOM



Mr. Richard Ananda Barton BA (Hons)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight in the Order of Wisdom & Learning.
For services to the community and in particular his outstanding and selfless dedication, service and support of the ethnic communities in Western Australia.

Mr Barton's nomination documentation speaks highly of his dedication to ethnic matters and show that he has provided his time and service in areas of rational discourse and learning such as representing Western Australia twice at national conferences of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, approx 6 years service as secretary and member of the management committee of the Starick Services (Armadale-Gosnells Women's Refuge).

Richard has served the Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia for many, many years now and during his time with this organisation he has held various posts and positions carrying various levels of responsibilities. Positions such as:
Management Committee Member, Vice President (Youth), Member of Youth Sub-committee, Production of monthly newsletter,
Coordinator – Literacy and Reading Project, Project Officer, Coordinator – Records Project etc.


Richard Ananda Barton KOWL., BA (Hons).




Illustrious Order of Merit  


Member (MIOM)



Superintendent Albert James (Bert) Hilliar

(Saskatchewan - CANADA)

Superintendent Brian Edward Friesen

(Saskatchewan - CANADA)

Frontierswoman Joyce Wilson
(Saskatchewan - CANADA)

The above are bestowed of the Rank of:
Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for: 12 months + of active service with the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, CANADA and not just for the service given their Ridgedale Troop but more importantly in service provided to the local community in which they reside and their individual dedication and desire to play an active role in its health and prosperity. These individuals have chosen well in being Members of the LFICC as their way of achieving the service for and helping the local community.

Congratulations on the outstanding efforts expended over the last 12 + months by these particular members and we trust we will see your names put before us many times in the future.

L-R Superintendent Brian Friesen,
Frontierswoman Joyce Wilson
and Superintendent Albert Hilliar.
Presented with MIOM at the LFICC
first meeting for 2012.

Superintendent Albert James (Bert) Hilliar MIOM


Superintendent Brian Edward Friesen MIOM 

Frontierswoman Joyce Wilson MIOM





Serene Order of Leonard



Knight (KSOL)









Mr Frederick "Lyle" Morris MA (Psychology)., BA (Science)., BA (Modern Art)
(New York - U.S.A.

Bestowed with
the Rank of Knight in the Serene Order of Leonard.
Since 1995 Mr. Morris, known in the Art World as "Lyle", Frederick Lyle Morris, has employed his art to raise funds for AIDs, by developing the "Colour's of Hope", and the "Red Ribbon Artist" foundations, and art Exhibits to raise funds for AIDs and AIDs Awareness in Detroit, Michigan. He created the FEW art Auction and Exhibit which was Held in Warren, Michigan from 1991-1996 which enable local artist to bring their art to the public and support funding for educational projects in the area. On September 1996, Mr. Morris developed and hosted the "Red Ribbon Artists", an evening of art and fashion to benefit the MWAP, sponsored by Jacobson's, with featured coverage of the event in the Impulse magazine. 

Mr. Morris developed, hosted and exhibited donated works of art at the "Attic Theatre", with the cast of Miss Saigon in the Ribbons of the Heart AIDS Benefit. 1995.  As an artist and gallery owner, Mr. Morris has used his talent, time, and leadership to develop a host of events and benefits for a variety of causes or charities such as The Red Cross, The Susan G Komen Foundation, St. Jude and on August 19, 1997, served as an art coordinator, donor, and Committee Member for the Midwest AIDS Prevention Project hosted at the Edsel and Eleano Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan and in the Summer Issue of the Park College Alumniad, page 1, Artist honours college with gift of his painting, to Park University, MO.

In 2002, Mr. Morris took his art talent and developed the "Amerikanische Kunst in Deutschland" art exhibits to raise funding and awareness of the Mentally Handicapped in Germany with the first exhibits being held at the Seniorenheimes Parkhohe, in Lindenfels, Germany, then at the Sparkasse Bank in Linnnbach and Furth, Germany. From 2005 - 2007 Mr. Morris developed art benefits, shows and exhibits in the effort of raising funds and awareness of the Dague Boys Orphanage in Korea. From 2007 to the present, Mr. Morris opened the "Beacham Gallery" in Colorado Springs as a means for local artist to bring their art before the public at no cost and created partnership with charitable organizations such as "Inside Out Youth Services", The American Red Cross and the Susan G. Komen foundation to bring awareness to those causes at no cost to either the artist or the foundation and raise funds in support of those causes.

 The above is just a touch of the charitable work Mr. Morris has been involved since 1995 and his work continues unabated today.

Some of Lyle's art may be found here!

Frederick "Lyle" Morris KSOL., MA (Psychology)., BA (Science)., BA (Modern Art)










Red Cross of Hutt

The Red Cross of Hutt is a parallel organisation to the International Red Cross
and the Red Crescent.
Headed by Royal Patron and Chair of the Board of Directors, HRH Princess Shirley, the Red Cross of Hutt Charitable Trust seeks to alleviate the plight of the most needy in our society through donations from ordinary people like yourself.
It is also used as the supreme recognition by this Principality, of the charitable works of people from all over the world in all sorts of areas and endeavours that are carried out
with the care of others utmost in mind.
Those honoured with being presented with this award have truly served
the care for others well.


Legion of Frontieresmen, Independent Command, CANADA

(Ridgedale, Saskatchewan - CANADA).

You can read much about the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, CANADA on this website in the RHRDF section as HRH Prince Leonard is Hon. Commissioner in Chief . Take a look! LFICC.

If you read through the After Action reports that are forwarded to the Hon Commissioner in Chief quarterly, you will understand why this Principality and its Sovereign are so impressed with the achievements of this Troop of dedicated men and women. This small group of only a dozen or so members, led by Chief Commissioner Sir G.B. (Barry) Metcalfe KGCIOM., MCM., AMM. and his team remain flat out all year in providing support, care and service to the people of their local communities in every way possible, from providing entertainment for the elderly, medical transport to those who need it, all the way to running fund raising events, providing security at community events and helping out around the home for those who require assistance,. In so many ways on so many occasions this Troop may be found out there in uniform serving their community.


Legion of Frontieresmen, Independent Command, CANADA





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