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2014 New Year Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of the beginning of a New Year!
First day of January 201


Order of Wisdom and Learning


Companion  (COWL)


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Dr. Siew-Pang Chan


Bestowed with the Rank of Companion in the Order of Wisdom and Learning:

As an outstanding scholar, Dr. Chan is known for his excellent teaching and research record.
He has taught in institutes of higher learning in Singapore and the Commonwealth of Australia and has been active in the Analytics communities. Aimed at discovering and communication of meaningful patterns in data, Analytics is applied in business, medicine, security, military, intelligence and many areas of scientific research, etc.

As a pioneer in Analytics in Singapore, Dr. Chan has founded two Analytics companies to date. These companies are essentially non-profit in nature. The key objective is to expose his students to the field and to offer them the opportunities to work on research and consultation projects. Recently, he has been contacted by a major startup initiated by the Singapore Government to promote Analytics.

As a trained statistician, industrial engineer and decision scientist, Dr. Chan has been conferred Chartered status by several academic organizations in the United Kingdom, including the Institute of Mathematics & Its Applications (1999), the Royal Statistical Society (2000) and the Science Council (2005). Committed to the development of Statistics and Analytics in Singapore, he had served as the Chairman of the SAS Users Group (Singapore) from 1997 to 1999, and is the founder and patron of the first state-approved Stata Users Group in the world in 2008.

Together with his research collaborators, Dr. Chan has published over 80 scholarly papers in peer-reviewed journals to date. Many of these high-impact journals are ranked A or A* by the Australian Research Council (ARC). In June 2012, Dr. Chan’s research team was awarded a National Medical Research Council Cooperative Basic Research Grant for 2012 to 2015
(worth SGD1 million). Dr. Chan represented Singapore as a technical advisor at the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting held in Hong Kong SAR in 2003.

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Dr. Siew-Pang Chan COWL



Knight (KOWL)



Rolf Rebner
(Coolatai - N.S.W. - AUSTRALIA)

Bestowed with the Rank of
 Knight in the Order of Wisdom & Learning for:
Outstanding service and support provided to his local community and the individuals within.

Mr Rebner is now probably the most comprehensively qualified administrator (anywhere) and considers the writing of academic papers to promote particular ideas as being of benefit to the community, even when these bring him little kudos for his effort.

Mr Rebner has promoted the local region for approximately twenty years. His successful suggestions to the Council (ca 1997) initiated the building of a causeway on Warialda’s river to maintain water during droughts, and the construction of a large billboard to advertise the town’s real estate possibilities to travellers (Warialda Standard, 4 Aug 1999). He published a list of fifty enterprises that could be invited to relocate to Warialda (Warialda Standard, 11 March 1998; 24 July 2002), an article mentioned on Prime Television by Mayor Swain of the neighbouring Moree Shire.  

He has published articles promoting local manufacturing industry (Warialda Standard, 24, 2000; 23 August 2000) and suggested creating a fifty acre manufacturing park near the town’s water reservoir and substation. He supported the establishment of a charcoal plant in the region to process timber rather than waste it during hazard reduction burn-offs, and to use the charcoal for manufacturing semiconductor silicon (Warialda Standard, 29 January 2003). 

He has suggested the town gain publicity by associating itself with media weather presenters (Warialda Standard, 3 March 1999) because it has kept statistics since 1879. 

After a former editor stated that no-one had been able to discover any pattern in the town’s rainfall records Mr Rebner published a useful statistical analysis and chart for data from 1879 until 2011, revealing several discernable patterns:

The nomination list of achievements and service continues to a far greater extent than we could possibly publish here, nor can we pick the best bits as they are all "best bits"!

Suffice to say, Mr Rolf Rebner, Chartered Company Secretary and qualified accountant, has dedicated himself to becoming a comprehensively educated and useful citizen and board member. 

He has continually promoted his local community, scholarship and good governance for more than twenty years.

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Sir Rolf Rebner KOWL



Illustrious Order of Merit  


Member (MIOM)


    Capt. Sir Richard Ananda Barton KOWL., MCM., BA (Hons)., RHRL.
Bestowed with the Rank of Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
12 months loyal and outstanding service with the Royal Hutt River Legion.

Capt. Sir Ananda is the Commander of the 1st Barton Platoon based in Perth, Western Australia.
Aside from providing an outstanding array of community support operations himself, Capt. Sir Ananda has also actively sought out and obtained new recruits to the Platoon in order to help provide an even larger array of services to many areas of the community. Capt. Sir Ananda is a fine example of both a supporter of this Principality and a tireless worker in his community to the greater betterment of that community.

Lt (at the time) Ananda receives his MCM
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Capt. Sir Richard Ananda Barton KOWL., MIOM., MCM., BA (Hons)., RHRL.


Corporal Lisa "Aliyah" Oliver RHRL

Bestowed with the Rank of Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
12 months loyal and outstanding service with the Royal Hutt River Legion.

Corporal Aliyah is a member of the 1st Barton Platoon and has provided excellent service and support to that unit and its commander Lt Sir Ananda Barton. Service to such a degree that in September 2013 Corporal Aliyah was promoted to the rank of Corporal from her then rank of Legionnaire.

Corporal Aliyah receives her stripes
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Corporal Lisa "Aliyah" Oliver MIOM., RHRL


Naomi Brockwell
(Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - New York, U.S.A.)

Bestowed with the Rank of
Member in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Service to the Sovereign and the Principality in general in her role as PHR - USA Liaison Officer.

Naomi not only acts in the position of USA media liaison for the PHR but also promotes the Principality through her position as actor, singer, Film producer/director & instructor in the arts.

Naomi Brockwell MIOM
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Naomi Brockwell MIOM.



Officer (OIOM)


    Joseph Andrew Heaton
(New York,  U.S.A.)

Bestowed with the Rank of
Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Service to the Sovereign and the Principality in general in his Role as PHR Special Envoy to New York

Andrew has not only provided service in his position as Special Envoy, but he also uses every opportunity to promote the Principality amongst his peers where he is involved in the areas of entertainment, screenwriting, politics and the media.

Andrew on a visit to the PHR in Jan 2013
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Joseph Andrew Heaton OIOM



Knight Commander (KCIOM)


    Dr. Murray Eiland Jr.
(Danville, CA. U.S.A.)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Outstanding service to humanity in his profession as a Medical Doctor, Author and teacher.

Due to state funding cuts, he has had to help many who could not even register for state benefits. He has spent a considerable amount of his free time helping those with no thought of receiving payment. This is particularly true for patients recently arrived to America from the Middle East. Dr. Murray Eiland Jr. has a second calling, researching Islamic art and he has used his familiarity with the languages and cultures of the area to make many people feel at home in their new country.

 Over 52 years of professional practice as a psychiatrist, Dr Eiland has spent thousands of hours assisting patients. While working for various State agencies he would greatly exceed his billable hours. In that capacity, he became aware that there were many more people - often friends or relatives of official patients - who needed assistance. For various reasons these people could neither pay nor enrol themselves into a State funded program. Some were elderly who were perhaps too proud to ask directly for help. Others were immigrants who were not aware of how to utilize (and perhaps were also distrustful of) the public services offered by their new home. Dr Eiland was always happy to speak to unofficial patients on the phone at all hours, meet with them for therapy, or even go out to visit them if the situation was urgent.

At a time when medical care has become de-humanized and subject to the needs of the market, Dr Eiland is recognised for and prides himself in helping all, serving individuals needs, irrespective of their ability to pay.

DR Sir Murray Eiland Jr KCIOM
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Dr. Sir Murray Eiland Jr. KCIOM


Knight Grand Commander (KGCIOM)

Mr Geoffrey McGregor
(Valentine, NSW, AUSTRALIA.)

Bestowed with the Rank of
Knight Grand Commander of the Illustrious Order of Merit:
For an outstanding and almost lifetime of community service in many, many areas.

Occasionally we receive a nomination that is supported by a large number of a nominee's peers, a nomination that if it were not for the very large accompanying list of references and evidence to support the nomination, would be hard to believe. This nomination for Geoffrey McGregor is one of those nominations.

With a list of references, a community service CV like is rarely ever seen and a large batch of peer supporting letters, it is easily seen that Mr McGregor has indeed contributed almost a lifetime of Community Service in various avenues that has been well beyond the call of duty. He has done so whilst himself suffering from several serious chronic medical conditions.
Geoff puts others before himself, and is proven to always be available to assist those requiring or in need of himself, in any way he is able. Geoff is referred to again and again as one of a kind, despite illness he is Community Minded, involved in numerous activities for individuals and the community in general and gives of himself simply because this is the person he is.

Geoff is also a highly talented Musician who puts these talents to great use within the community for the betterment of others and has done so with his involvement in the Brass Band Movement for most of his life having first learned to play at the age of only six years, many of these years as a member of various Salvation Army Citadel

Unfortunately there is far too much information to print here and it is impossible to select any parts of the list of his service
and yet leave others unmentioned, so here and at this time we can only say that:..

Geoffrey McGregor is nominated for Recognition and Award for his Outstanding Service to the Community in the areas of:.. 

The Brass Band Movement
Social Work / Welfare Work
Community Radio Broadcasting
The Salvation Army
Charity Fund Raising

We wholeheartedly concur with this request.

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Sir Geoffrey McGregor KGCIOM



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